1. Gladstone players out to impress Queensland selectors

    Gladstone players out to impress Queensland selectors

    0 RUGBY LEAGUE: The annual Central Division 47th Battalion will kick off this weekend in Gladstone and provide Queensland representative opportunities for local club players. Hosted by Gladstone Rugby League at the Briffney Park fields, the weekend rugby league will put on an exciting display of skills and talent from U18s and U20s grades. Queensland Rugby League Central director Glenn Ottaway said the weekend was a great opportunity for regional players to get noticed by selectors.

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    1. The purpose of the weekend carnival is to select a regional Queensland team from the two grades and give them a chance to play representative football.
    2. There will be players coming as far as Mt Isa, Charleville (and) Longreach and this carnival covers a big chunk of the state's representative prospects.
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