1. Property Buying With A Partner 101

    Property Buying With A Partner 101

    Property buying with a partner is a huge commitment. The exciting part of it mainly being decorating. However, financing is part of it that isn't usually discussed. Lucky for us, Kellie Scott from ABC Life has got this part down in this article.

    "While it might not be as fun as nailing down the couch you want, discussing how you will structure the loan and property ownership, as well as addressing some "what ifs", will make life easier in the long run," writes Kellie.

    It's an interesting piece that you can check out. Click on the link below ...

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    1. Your share can be passed to someone else — good for when you have children from a previous relationship and wish to leave them your share of the home in your will.
    2. A binding financial agreement is the only way you can contract a way out of the family law.
    3. Some [agreements] terminate after being together for 10 years or after you have a child together.
    4. If you are thinking about buying somewhere with your partner, that's great and still a reason to be excited, but go and talk to a lawyer about it just so you know what could potentially happen and what your options are.
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