1. Farmers and Home Growers Are Feeling The Drastic Effects of Climate Change

    Farmers and Home Growers Are Feeling The Drastic Effects of Climate Change

    Thought we would share this fascinating piece on ABC. It's called As Dry As A Chip: How Climate Change is Affecting Our Veggies.

    It shares some interesting insights on climate change and gardening. Here's a particular excerpt that we thought was thought-provoking:

    Ms Gaha-Morris said the producers she represented and spoke to all shared a few common experiences over the last few years.

    "One of the biggest issues is the erratic weather patterns that we're having, and extreme rain rather than regular rain," she explained.

    "When it's dry they're searching for water and when it ...

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    1. The warmer temperatures have people continuing to plant well into autumn and winter, because the soil temperatures are warm enough to sustain the crops.
    2. When I reflect on last winter and the winter before, I remember walking around in short sleeves for most of the time. I don't call that a cold winter.
    3. The rainfall we rely on to get a crop from a seedling to maturity [is not] sufficient.
    4. There are more extreme frosts, but less chilling time, and there needs to be that chill for the plants to fruit the following year.
    5. Buy seasonal and local and build a relationship with them.
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