1. 10 Regions to Watch Out For as They're Defying the Current Property Downturn

    10 Regions to Watch Out For as They're Defying the Current Property Downturn

    Here's an interesting piece from Your Money. It's called These 10 Regions are Smashing the Property Downturn.

    In the article, Kylie Purcell reports on property markets that are doing well in Australia despite the fact that major cities and regions are on a downturn. Here's a good excerpt from it:

    While it’s easy to lump Australia’s property market in one basket, Ryder says it’s important to remember that every region is at a different point on the cycle at any one time.

    So while Sydney and Melbourne markets might be falling, others are stronger ...

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    1. Mainstream media are very much obsessing over what's happening in Sydney and to a less extent Melbourne.
    2. Most of the suburbs on the [Redcliffe] Peninsula have median house prices in the four hundred thousands.
    3. Perth is very much the city of opportunity. It emphasises the point that we don't have one market in Australia.
    4. We think it's the strongest capital city real estate economy in Australia in terms of [having] the lowest unemployment, the highest average incomes, it's one of the highest growth States or territories.
    5. They're getting a lot of buyers out of Melbourne, both home buyers and investors who have realised that the home market in Melbourne is no longer rising.
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