1. These Women Monetized Their Post-Divorce Experiences

    These Women Monetized Their Post-Divorce Experiences

    We found this article from the Indian Express and thought immediately that we should share it. It's called They Divorced, Then Became Gurus of Dating.

    It's an extraordinary report on women who successfully monetized their post-divorce life experiences. Here's an excerpt that we found truly interesting:

    Dineen is part of a network of women in New York City who have transformed their divorce experiences into careers, helping others navigate splitting up and starting over.

    If you wish to know more about the story, check out the rest of the article at The Indian Express website.

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    1. It was like a foreign language. A friend helped me — she held my hand through it.
    2. People get weird on these apps. They don't even talk like themselves.
    3. It takes away the emotional roller coaster that people get on.
    4. I don't even accidentally bump into a man at my work.
    5. They can run a trading desk, but six months later they're still eating off paper plates.
    6. Snug. I'm used to wearing everything big.
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