1. Life Changing Questions From Tonya Leigh

    Life Changing Questions From Tonya Leigh

    We stumbled upon this amazing article from French Kiss Life. It's titled 3 Moments that Changed My Life (and 3 Questions that Will Change Yours) and we think it would be awesome if you had the opportunity to read it too.

    Tonya Leigh has some amazing insights in this one. Here's a short snippet of one of them:

    What matters is that you keep showing up and that is – when people want to know the secret to my success, I’m like, I don’t worry about being perfect. I just show up and I keep showing up ...

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    1. No, I'm not talking about the roles you play in life. Like, who do you want to be as a woman?
    2. Tonya, you're not an expert in this. How dare you?  You are not ready.
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