1. How Schools Can Foster Women Empowerment

    How Schools Can Foster Women Empowerment

    Stumbled upon this fascinating article on Australian Country online and we thought we'd share it with you. It's called Girl Power Thrives at Loreto.

    In it, we're exposed to the feminist culture being taught at Loreto schools in Australia. Here's a short quote from the school captain, Evie O'Brien:

    Ella, our vice-captain, and I recently spent the weekend in Melbourne meeting with the other Australian Loreto school captains and we brainstormed a lot of strategies for implementing sincerity. It might be as simple as giving compliments and recognising achievements, or welcoming students to school each ...

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    1. Every year we focus on one of those values and this year it's sincerity.
    2. Last weekend, years seven and eight boarders got together with Riverview boys for a sausage sizzle and trivia games and we also socialise with boys during sports competitions, dances and debating.
    3. Older students also have the opportunity to be part of the Ignatian Interschool Forum.
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