1. What Motivates Gen Zs Entering the Workforce?

    What Motivates Gen Zs Entering the Workforce?

    Thought we'd share this amazing article from Newsweek. It's called Gen Zs Are Determined to Avoid the Mistakes of Their Predecessors and we think it's worth taking a look at.

    It shares some insights on the influx of Gen Z workers. Here's a short excerpt for some context:

    They aren't interested in taking any chances. The booming economy seems to have done little to assuage this underlying generational sense of anxious urgency, especially for those who have college debt.

    It's an interesting article that you may want to read in full. Just click on ...

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    1. One of my roommates was going through depression at school.
    2. Well, if I just go to college, I'm set.
    3. We are in the midst of redoing our society, and it's happening really fast and in a really messy way.
    4. Gen Xers talk about having been latchkey kids, growing up when they were young.
    5. Overall they were very hopeful, they felt they have a role to play in changing things they felt were unfair or wrong—and felt they had some agency and could make changes.
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