1. Can This App Close the Pay Gap in Australia?

    Can This App Close the Pay Gap in Australia?

    Thought we’d share this fascinating article from the blog pages of Women's Agenda. It’s titled Want to Negotiate a Pay Rise? There's an App for That.

    It offers some thought-provoking perspectives. Here’s one that we thought was interesting:

    Palmer is in Australia currently for the launch of the PepTalkHer App which she describes as similar to a period tracker but that helps to keep a record of your successes and achievements at work and helps you bench mark your salary.

    The free app prompts users to record their wins at work and then provides data ...

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    1. The illegal stuff is obviously unacceptable but I was also disturbed by seeing how many of my talented and successful friends were doubting themselves.
    2. It is about changing women's views of themselves and their self-worth.
    3. It's all been relational. We run lots of events in the US and at most events we get two or three pieces of work.
    4. I got into media to change the world. I thought if we told stories people would be able to empathise and then change their behaviour accordingly but now I think technology has more power to change lives than media.
    5. We do a lot of coaching in corporate of women and men in their early 30s and we've been able to get them $60K pay raises.
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