1. Building Safety and Security Codes to be Expanded and Updated by the ICC

    Building Safety and Security Codes to be Expanded and Updated by the ICC

    Building security and safety protocols are about to be expanded. Are you ready for the changes?

    Just last month, the ICC announced that a new ad hoc committee has been tasked to explore and assess building safety and security more comprehensively. This is due mainly to the fact that the business crosses paths with a myriad of other codes and regulations as well. They aim to get the input and expertise of people from other sectors. To that end, the ad hoc committee will consist of members from a broad range of involved and relevant sections of the construction industry ...

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    1. Building safety is an issue of utmost importance to our families and communities as we tackle outdated facilities, fire safety concerns, active shooters, and other emergency situations.
    2. After discussions with our partners and members, we have moved swiftly to launch this new initiative.
    3. This committee was created to enhance activities already ongoing at other standards development organizations in the building industry in order to solve some very complicated issues.
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