1. The Importance of B2B Payment Solution for Small Buisnesses

    The Importance of B2B Payment Solution for Small Buisnesses

    Paper invoices and other forms of payment management systems can be taxing to keep track, difficult to accomplish, and easy to target by people with ill intent. The good news is that there are software solutions that can take care of these vulnerabilities for us.

    This article by Geoff Hoppe aims to convince us that B2B payment solutions should be integrated into all businesses. He says that having one makes payment faster, easier, and more secure.

    Today's Electrician Magazine tends to agree with Geoff as the easy payment system essentially creates more time for business owners to enjoy the ...

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    1. When you're running a business—especially a small B2B—the biggest challenge is being cash flow positive.
    2. Digital payments are part of an automation strategy.
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