1. Grant Hill's Unconventional Hall of Fame Career

    Grant Hill's Unconventional Hall of Fame Career

    Grant Hill, despite the terrible injuries he suffered through his entire career, had a great career worthy of the Basketball Hall of Fame. He was co-rookie MVP with Jason Kidd and was named the heir-apparent to none other than Michael Jordan because of the similarities in their game.

    This interesting article on The Undefeated talks about how the athlete-turned-reporter made his way through the league. He shares with us his feelings on his label as a someone who had black privilege growing up. It's an interesting perspective to check out in a league filled with rags to riches stories ...

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    1. I think both of their stories are pretty remarkable.
    2. It's the spirit of competition, it's the spirit of hip-hop. I'm gonna get you back. I'm gonna come for you and I'm gonna do it in a very highly intellectual way.
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