1. Fund Raising Campaign Results in $5M for Elderly Health Start-up Billy

    Fund Raising Campaign Results in $5M for Elderly Health Start-up Billy

    In this article, Carrie LaFrenz writes focuses on a venture that'll potentially help keep pensioners living independently as long as possible. She talks about the endeavour of an Australian start-up called Billy. 

    "An Australian start-up that seeks to keep elderly people out of hospital and in their homes living independently for longer by monitoring them remotely has raised $5 million from one of South Australia's largest aged care service providers," she writes. Through their apps, relatives and family can keep track of their pensioner's movements and can be alerted immediately if something has gone awry.

    It's ...

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    1. ECH made a strategic decision to divest from the residential care market in 2014 to focus on finding new ways to help people remain living independently at home as they age. Billy is one of those new ways.
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