1. Sustainable Fashion 101

    Sustainable Fashion 101

    Found this interesting piece from the Sydney Morning Herald and it really made us think. It’s called Dressing in the Era of Climate Change Requires a Rethink.

    It shares some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

    The simplest answer to a shopper's dilemma might be a paraphrase of the advice that food writer Michael Pollan offered to those of us perplexed by our mealtime choices: Buy clothes. Not too many. Mostly plant-based.

    It is possible to buy something as simple as a white shirt, that wardrobe staple, whose production has a minimal impact on the environment and ...

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    1. When it comes to climate change, we can no longer wait to take real action.
    2. It works better on a local scale rather than a global one because of the carbon footprint.
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