1. Why Female Homeownership Might Soon Rise in Australia

    Why Female Homeownership Might Soon Rise in Australia

    Stumbled upon this fascinating article from the Financy. It’s titled Are Lower Rates Motivating More Women to Buy Property?

    It offers some stimulating ideas. Here’s one that we thought was genuinely noteworthy:

    According to a new survey by Allianz Australia, women are more motivated (79 per cent) than men (69 per cent) to buy their first home and are also more interested in growing their wealth through property.

    To find out more about these ideas, look into the rest of this insightful piece.

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    1. We know women tend to earn less than men, they also live longer and there are a growing number of single women in Australia – these are some of the factors which can lead to more women taking advantage of lower rates to buy property to ensure their own financial security.
    2. This will prove more attractive for investors and this may be something that women gravity towards because of a tendency to prefer bricks and mortar real estate over shares.
    3. Women are traditionally more conservative investors than men and more likely to invest in residential property where they see an immediate and often emotional benefit to asset ownership.
    4. Property is a long term hold, so if you are hoping to shoot the lights out in the next year or two by flipping, this may be harder to achieve in the current market.
    5. This highlights the importance of women taking care of themselves during the home buying journey.
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