1. Why Having Kids Shouldn't Cost As Much as You Feared

    Why Having Kids Shouldn't Cost As Much as You Feared

    Financy serves up some real wisdom in this interesting piece. It's titled 10 Things to Help Lower the Cost of Raising Kids.

    It's got some well-thought-out suggestions. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

    Make the most of economies of scale. Consider clothes that can be, or have been handed down, particularly as play clothes for children. Kids grow so fast that some items are hardly worn so don’t turn your nose up at this one!

    Give the rest of helpful write-up a read for more information.

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    1. For me, the key to saving money with kids is smart shopping and also making sure the kids are in bed by 7pm at night so that I have time to cook ahead, and do my work as a business strategist.
    2. I also had two high risk pregnancies in the public hospital system and could not fault the care we received.
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