1. What Does Improv Have to Do With Workplace Innovation?

    What Does Improv Have to Do With Workplace Innovation?

    We think Stanford University lecturer, Dan Klein is on to something in this fascinating article. It’s titled The 'Yes, And' Game - And Other Improv Techniques That Can Help You at Work written by Anna Kelsey-Sugg and Maria Tickle.

    In it, Mr Klein offers some stimulating ideas. Here’s one that we thought was genuinely noteworthy in which he talks about the 'Yes, And' game:

    One of the things we train in improv is that any idea is good enough to start. The real game is what you do with the idea afterwards.

    There are other important ideas here so ...

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    1. It turns out those skills are really, really useful, like paying attention and listening to each other, making your partner look good, building ideas rather than cutting them down.
    2. We are always trying to get it exactly right, and if we are allowed to mess up more we can make more discoveries; we can learn more, we can learn faster.
    3. So, something may not go as you'd hoped and there's some specific exercises that we work through in the beginning to celebrate failure together.
    4. One of the things that we need in order to be able to respond creatively is we have to have resilience. It has to be OK for us to make a mistake, be present, adapt and respond to the actual current situation and overcome it.
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