1. From Leading Lady to Leading Entrepreneur

    From Leading Lady to Leading Entrepreneur

    From a leading lady on the silver screen to a leading entrepreneur in the sidelines of an innovative luxury fragrance company, Michell Pfeiffer's journey is uber fascinating.

    This piece from Entrepreneur Online magazine tells us all about it. Here's a short excerpt:

    Pfeiffer was discouraged but not deterred. If there’s one thing Hollywood teaches -- even to legends -- it’s how to deal with rejection. “You never can get too comfortable,” she says. “I don’t care how famous you become, or successful; you think your last job may be your last job. And so you learn to ...

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    1. They were unwilling to be 100 percent transparent.
    2. I probably spend half my time talking to people in the private sector, to make things happen deeper or faster than passing regulations or law.
    3. It's what led to the second lesson:
    4. We are pretty good at making the impossible possible.
    5. It wasn't like I always wanted to launch a fragrance.
    6. You don't want to be educated by your fragrance brand.
    7. I want to recruit those people who have never read a label.
    8. People we've worked with for a year will use the word natural, and we're like.
    9. I can recede more and more into the background, and they can just roll me out and dust me off when they need me.
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