1. Kidney Health Can Be Affected by the Quality of Air You Breathe in At the Job Site

    Kidney Health Can Be Affected by the Quality of Air You Breathe in At the Job Site

    Thought we'd share this article from the MedicalXpress. It's called Fine Particle Air Pollution Linked With Poor Kidney Health.

    There are some fascinating findings here that we think we all should be aware about. Here's a short excerpt: 

    Fine particulate matter comes from a variety of sources including fossil fuel combustion, , and natural sources.

    The team found that exposure to higher amounts of fine particulate matter was associated with a higher degree of albuminuria—a marker of kidney dysfunction—at the start of the study as well as a higher risk of developing 

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    1. As rates of chronic kidney disease rise worldwide, it is important to understand whether and how exposure to air pollution plays a role.
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