1. Aussie Company Discovers How to End of Period Pain Forever

    Aussie Company Discovers How to End of Period Pain Forever

    Here's an interesting article from the AFR. It's called Could This Aussie Device End Period Pain Forever?

    There are some really interesting ideas worth talking about here. Here's an excerpt:

    Customers use the Ovira device with two compression pads, which are placed over nerve roots that supply the sensory fibres to the uterus. The company claims it works by imparting a current to prevent the pain signals from travelling to the brain, and causing the muscles in the uterine area to relax, resulting in a calming analgesic effect.

    To learn more about this interesting device, give the ...

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    1. Pain is so subjective, but what we can say is that the device drastically reduces or eliminates your pain, depending on how bad it is.
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