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    1. Retiring Happy and Free of Worry

      Retiring Happy and Free of Worry

      Thought we'd share this interesting article from Retire Fabulously. It's called "I'm Afraid to Retire"

      In it, Dave Hughes shares some really interesting nuggets of wisdom. Here's one that we thought was really intriguing:

      Avoiding retirement just so you can delay facing your fears is not the best strategy. You’ll lose years that you could have spent enjoying life on your terms.

      Ken Dychtwald says surveys by his company, Age Wave, show initial discomfort about retirement lasts about 18 months and then “the level of happiness soars.”

      It's a great piece that you may ...

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    2. Here's What to Look Out for In Your Potential Retirement Localle

      Here's What to Look Out for In Your Potential Retirement Localle

      Planning to move in order to move on? Here's a guide on what to look out for.

      In it, Retire Fabulously's Dave Hughes shares some really interesting points. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      You can do a lot of research online, but there is no substitute for experiencing a place in person. Photos and stories on websites operated by retirement communities, a city or state’s Chamber of Commerce, or a Convention and Visitor’s Bureau are going to present the place in the best possible light. Many photos are taken with filters or are tweaked using software ...

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    3. Things to Consider If You're Planning to Retire on a Cruise Ship

      Things to Consider If You're Planning to Retire on a Cruise Ship

      Thought we'd share this article from Retire Fabulously. It's called Could You Retire on a Cruise Ship?

      There's some really interesting ideas here. This one's particularly important if you're considering it:

      On most cruise ships, you pay extra for alcoholic beverages and sodas. Internet service, which is a lifeline for most permanent cruisers, is very expensive.  Similarly, cell phone roaming charges will mount quickly.  Some lower-end cruise lines may offer free self-serve washers and dryers, but most cruise ships charge for laundry service.

       Take a look at the rest of the article to learn more...

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    4. Should You Move Post-Retirement?

      Should You Move Post-Retirement?

      This article from Retire Fabulously has some really interesting perspectives that we thought we would share here. It's called Can Moving After You Retire Really Make You Happier?

      Here's one point that really got us thinking:

      As the old expression goes, money can’t buy happiness. That’s true, but a lack of money can certainly cause unhappiness. And beyond meeting basic needs, a sufficient amount of money will enable you to afford some of the items and activities that you will enjoy, bringing happiness.

      Similarly, the place you live, by itself, will not make you happy. However ...

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