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    1. Observe These Tips When Tending Injured Wildlife

      Observe These Tips When Tending Injured Wildlife

      Thought we should share this particularly interesting article. It's got some really useful tips if you meet an animal injured by the wildfires.

      Here's one that we thought deserved a share:

      If safe and necessary, quietly approach the injured animal. Startling it may cause further injuries and stress.

      To learn more, check out the rest of the article...

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    2. All You Have to Know When Dealing With Ear Infections in Dogs

      All You Have to Know When Dealing With Ear Infections in Dogs

      Stinky ears become the least of your worries when your little pups get ear infections. Luckily, this piece from Bunbury Vets isn't stingy with their knowledge when it comes to preventing and treating them.

      Here's an excerpt from an article they published that we though we can echo:

      Recent studies have shown that plucking hair around healthy ears leads to an increased risk of ear infections. This is because the plucking process can cause inflammation, which leads to infection. It may, however, help dogs with a pre-existing infection.

      There is also an increased risk of ear infections when ...

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