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    1. What is T2 Actually For?

      What is T2 Actually For?

      Stumbled upon this interesting article from Dr Christianson. It's called T2: The Unsung Hero of Thyroid Hormones.

      It shines a light into the little-discussed T2. Here's an excerpt that got our attention:

      Of all the things that T2 does, a lot of it comes down to this concept of basal metabolic rate.

      It seems that T2 is one of the biggest regulators of how many calories our body burns at rest2.

      Dr Christianson makes some really interesting points here so do give the full article a read at the link below...

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    2. Are Organic Produce Really Pesticide Free?

      Are Organic Produce Really Pesticide Free?

      Thought we’d share this fascinating article from Dr Alan Christianson. It’s called Things I've Changed My Mind About: Pesticides.

      In it, he gives us some interesting ideas. Here's one that really got us thinking:

      The pitfall here is that organic foods do not avoid pesticides. At all.

      In fact, organic is grown with pesticides, and many of them are synthetic (meaning that they are not organic or naturally-occurring in said plants).

      To find out more about Dr Christianson's perspectives on pesticides, look into the rest of his insightful piece.

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    3. Thyroid Testing 101 from Dr Christianson

      Thyroid Testing 101 from Dr Christianson

      Thought we’d share this fascinating article from Dr Christianson. It's called Testing Your Thyroid and the Definitive Guide to Optimal Ranges.

      It offers some stimulating ideas. Here’s one that we thought was genuinely noteworthy:

      Erratic Antibody Levels – thyroid antibodies are good to confirm a diagnosis, but they don’t rule it out when they are negative. They may be culprits behind infertility or anxiety. Otherwise, changes in them do not likely affect your health. They can go up and down randomly.

      To find out more, look into the rest of this insightful piece.

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    4. Busting Desiccated Thyroid Myths

      Busting Desiccated Thyroid Myths

      Stumbled upon this noteworthy piece from Dr Christianson. It's called Top 10 Myths About Natural Desiccated Thyroid.

      It offers us some fascinating ideas. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

      it is better to take T3 once daily because thyroid hormones abide by a circadian rhythm. Your body releases the bulk of them during the late evening/early morning. So taking NDT before bed or early in the morning actually achieves what would be happening if your thyroid was operating normally.

      Give the rest of this remarkably detailed article from Dr Christianson for more information and context.

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    5. Thyroid Disease Treatments That Work

      Thyroid Disease Treatments That Work

      We stumbled upon this article called Can You Reverse Thyroid Disease? It's by Naturopathic Physician Dr Roz Ranon.

      In it, she makes some interesting points that we thought we would share here. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      When we tested Wendy’s cortisol levels with a salivary test, her cortisol was low during the morning and high at night. This pattern is the opposite of what a healthy person’s test should reveal. 

      All of the issues above required addressing right away. So I started with Wendy’s thyroid condition and recommended she begin taking Natural Desiccated Thyroid Medication ...

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    6. How Underactive Thyroid Affect Your Workouts

      How Underactive Thyroid Affect Your Workouts

      Dr Tara Burke gives us the lowdown on how a slow thyroid can affect your workouts in this informative article. It is called How to Speed Your Metabolism When You Have an Underactive Thyroid.

      It has some important things that we should know such as this tidbit:

      Your thyroid plays such a tremendous role in your metabolism1. When your thyroid is slow, it can impair your metabolism by up to 30%. In this article, we will discuss how optimizing your exercise routine, TSH levels, and iodine intake can help restore you back to your normal metabolism.

      To know more about ...

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    7. What to Check for First?

      What to Check for First?

      Chronic fatigue, loss of focus, and sudden weight gain are definite signs that there's something wrong with the homeostasis in your body. Whether it's your thyroid, adrenal, or metabolism is the only thing that's left a mystery.

      "If you have them all and are not sure which matters the most, start with thyroid tests. If it is completely off, you may not make much headway on anything until it is at least in the ballpark," reads this post on Dr. Christianson.com.

      We at Thyroid Health Magazine can definitely recommend this medical heavyweight's suggestions. Don't ...

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    8. Antibodies and Thyroid Illness

      Antibodies and Thyroid Illness

      Elevated thyroid antibodies are one of the most common problems that Hashimoto patients have. It has a lot of dangers. Due to the fact that antibodies think that the thyroid is an enemy, our immune system produces more of them.

      "Additionally, these antibodies also progressively destroy the actual thyroid tissue. For these reasons, screening for thyroid antibodies even when there are no symptoms of thyroid disease can be important in the early diagnose of autoimmune thyroid disease," writes Dr. Guillermo Ruiz in this compelling article.

      To combat this, the author suggests that a good diet, healthy lifestyle, and some hormone ...

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    9. Is Intermittent Fasting Safe?

      Is Intermittent Fasting Safe?

      Intermittent fasting for weight loss is a hot topic right now. Naturally, questions about its effectiveness are coming out of the woodwork. But, more importantly, questions about its safety is also being scrutinized by concerned groups.

      In this article, Dr Christianson shares with us his views on the matter. He cites various studies and research that point to the fact that fasting really does lead to weight loss. However, there are also indicators that intermittent fasting may not be a healthy way to lose weight.

      "While promising for some populations, remember that fasting itself is a stressor. If you are ...

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    10. Is Intermittent Fasting For You?

      Is Intermittent Fasting For You?

      Weightloss experts have advocated various diets in the past. Some work. Others aren't effective at all. It's been a revolving door of diet fads.

      The latest one is intermittent fasting. Whether it's effective or not for you personally is something that Dr. Christianson focuses his attention on in this blog article.

      It's a great point of view as there hasn't been much proper research on the subject. It's not in any way definitive yet but it raises excellent points both for and against the new diet in a highly medical perspective.

      We at Thyroid ...

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