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    1. Chorizo, Potato & Onion Tortilla: You Need to Try this Delicious Winter Dinner from Matt Golinski

      Chorizo, Potato & Onion Tortilla: You Need to Try this Delicious Winter Dinner from Matt Golinski

      Mmmmmmm.....Chorizo, Potato & Onion Tortilla....YUMMMM

      This is definitely the type of warm, cosy dish that I know I'll be craving all winter! 

      ....Add in that gorgeous Tomato & Caper Salsa hand crafted by celebrity chef Matt Golinski and my mouth is already watering (ohh no it's only 10AM!)

      For all our At Home Noosa readers, if you're like me and craving that hearty, warm, satisfying and absolutely delicious winter dinner tonight, then go read Matt Golinski's recipe for this insane Tortilla...

      I promise you won't regret it!


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    2. The Perfect Soba Noodle Dish for You Tonight - by Matt Golinksi

      The Perfect Soba Noodle Dish for You Tonight - by Matt Golinksi

      Here at At Home Noosa we love good food, especially when it's cooked by non other than local celebrity chef Matt Golinski!

      If you're craving some mouthwatering exotic Asian flavours for dinner tonight, then this insane recipe from Matt will do for you.

      His incredible blend of Soba Noodles, Porterhouse Steak, and fresh Shiitake Mushrooms will have you hooked once you make it once! - I know I am!

      So check out Matt's recipe for this gorgeous dish in the link below. 

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    3. Ricotta Stuffed Spatchcock with Sautéed Zucchini, Manzanillo Olives and Tomato Sugo - Matt Golinski

      I created this dish using Bendele Farm spatchcock, tomatoes and zucchinis from Farmer and Sun and olives from Fat Hen Farm. Three great products from the Gympie Region. A “spatchcock” or poussin is a young chicken weighing between 400 and 600 grams. A whole small bird would make a good size main course, or half a large one would be a substantial entree. If you can’t get hold of spatchcocks you could make the same dish quite successfully with a skin on chicken breast. I made the ricotta for the stuffing using unhomoginised milk from Cooloola Milk in Dagun.

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    4. Zucchini, Ham and Ricotta Fritters - Matt Golinski

    5. Decorating: Go Vintage

      Vintage style uses old items to create a nostalgic look, but no longer is it all about a shabby country look with daisy flowers. You can find old items to add to a coastal feel, or a boho oasis or a retro vibe, or just to add some interest to the room. I am a sucker for aged bottles grouped together, or a beat-up sideboard with chipped paint. If you’re after a few vintage items to add to your home make sure you’re stalking your local Facebook buy swap sell pages, check out garage sales and antique stores ...

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    6. White Paint is the Go - But HOW do I choose the right shade?

      White Paint is the Go - But HOW do I choose the right shade?

      I for one have a thing for white walls in my home. I love the openness, natural light, brightness and cleanliness of white, as well as the happy and welcoming aurora that it embodies.....

      ....It is the perfect back drop for when I want to scatter gorgeous plants throughout my home, and makes my rustic timber floors pop in colour!

      But I was lucky and bought my house new, freshly painted, so I didn't have to go through the pain of choosing the perfect shade of white!

      Fortunately neither do you! Katrina Chambers has put together some great advice ...

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    7. Do You Have a Butler's Pantry Yet?

      Do You Have a Butler's Pantry Yet?

      Designing a home in Noosa? Renovating your kitchen and stuck for ideas? Want to expand your pantry but don't have the room?

      Ever thought of building a Butler's Pantry?

      Neither. But then I read this blog 'What's in a Butler's Pantry?' from Katrina Chambers and now I know I definitely need one!

      And you do too! The Butler's Pantry is H-O-T right now, so if you're looking to spark up your kitchen a little, as well as increase your storage space, then head over to Katrina's blog to learn the uses & tips for ...

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    8. How to rock a decorative basket wall at home & where to buy them

      Admittedly I was a little skeptical about the basket wall craze. It’s a bit like plates on the wall… an odd thing to do. Baskets, to me, are used for pots or items on a table. Then to see them stuck on walls raised an eyebrow. BUT I will say I’m warming to them! I have seen some awesome displays on Instagram and now I think they are a great addition to blank wall. Instead of the usual framed artwork or gallery wall then adding baskets in different textures and colours can make a big statement. They add ...

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