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    1. Combining Digital and Pencil Art

      Combining Digital and Pencil Art

      Here's an awesome article from Bored Panda. It's called Brazilian Artist Tullius Heuer Creates Digital Paintings That Leap Off The Page.

      It shares some beautiful works of art. Here's a short excerpt to give you an idea of this one-of-a-kind art form. 

      He masterfully blends his pencil art simulations with real photos in his magical three-dimensional manipulations and the results leave us wondering what would happen if drawings came to life. 

      Take a look at the rest of the article to see the photos.

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    2. Beginners Guide to Sculpting

      Beginners Guide to Sculpting

      Sculpting is a beautiful art form. This article from Fox 21 Delmarva deals with the basics. It's called Sculpting for Beginners: 9 Essential Tips and Tricks to Get Star.

      It's got some great suggestions. Here's one of them:

      Try to resist the impulse have impossible expectations at first. This is a learned skill, and will thus take time and repetition to master each step in the process.

      Take a look at the rest of the article to learn more...

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    3. The Wild West Inspired Andy Warhol's Art

      The Wild West Inspired Andy Warhol's Art

      Came across this fascinating piece from Artsy and it really piqued our interest. It’s titled Why Andy Warhol Was Enthralled with the Wild West.

      It shares some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

      Imagery inspired by the mythological American West promoted in the popular and commercial culture of Warhol’s youth began to emerge in his work as early as 1963, five years after critic Lawrence Alloway coined the term “Pop art.” His 1963 silkscreen painting Elvis 11 Times [Studio Type]borrows a publicity shot from the iconic country singer and actor’s 1960 Western flick Flaming Star ...

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    4. Tips for Collecting Beautiful Vintage Pieces

      Tips for Collecting Beautiful Vintage Pieces

      Are you a vintage item or art collector? Here's a fascinating article from French Country Cottage that shares with us some awesome ways to make it a little bit easier. It's called Tips for Collecting Vintage & The Three Loves Rule.

      Here's a short excerpt:

      Those pieces that talk to you. The ones that tell the story and try to 'woo' you while you are shopping. That whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you are trying to sort through pieces and find the right one. That tell you that THEY ARE the one you are looking for ...

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    5. Drawing for Paint Prep

      Drawing for Paint Prep

      Sharpen your pencils and ready your canvas. Here are some cool drawing tips from Online Art Lessons. It's called Drawing Tips for Painters.

      It has some interesting advice. Here's one them:

      You could use the grid method whereby the reference is divided into small equal blocks and the painting surface is divided into the same number of blocks. The contents each block on the reference is then carefully copied into the corresponding block in the canvas. 

      Give the rest of the article a read for other tips and tricks that you can use in your next creative work...

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    6. Finding Art for Your Wall

      Finding Art for Your Wall

      Picking out art for your living room walls is not an easy task. Luckily, this interesting article from Bluethumb has us covered. It's called 5 Tips for Buying Living Room Wall Art.

      It shares some really interesting insights to make the decision a little easier. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      Look for artworks with personal stories behind them, interesting technique or unusual subject matter – if in doubt, ask the artist for more information. Many artists provide details of their inspiration in their artwork descriptions.

      Take a look at the rest of this article for the rest of the tips ...

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    7. 6 Reasons Why Art is Good for Your Mental Health

      6 Reasons Why Art is Good for Your Mental Health

      Mental health greatly affects our quality of life. There are different ways to help work through our issues, and one is becoming increasingly popular: art therapy. 

      Tara Reed of Lifehack writes why art can help us deal with emotional problems:

      Art therapy is rooted in Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung’s theories of the subconscious and unconscious and based on the idea that visual symbols and images are the most readily accessible forms of communication. 

      Learn more about how creating art is good for the soul by reading the full article.

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    8. The Complexities of Glitch Art

      The Complexities of Glitch Art

      We found this piece from Artists Inspire Artists and thought that it would make a great read for you as well. It’s called The Glitch Art of Phillip Mcconnell.

      It offers some thought-provoking perspectives on digital art. This one from Philip himself is particularly interesting:

      As technology advances, more and more everyday pushing the boundary of what the mind can create is literally at your fingertips. Alchemy is the transformation of matter either from one state to another or from one substance to another. By bending and manipulating the raw data or code of a picture, I essentially corrupt ...

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    9. Lilit Sarkisian on How She Makes Her Beautiful Murals

      Lilit Sarkisian on How She Makes Her Beautiful Murals

      Thought we'd share this cool new article from My Modern Met. It's called Lovely Flower Murals Transform Ordinary Rooms into Spaces with Blooming Personalities.

      It shares some great tips on mural painting. Here's one that we thought was particularly interesting:

      Before putting brushes to the wall, she travels to the spot that she’ll be painting and snaps pictures to carefully plan how the artwork will interact with the rest of the space—and her conscientiousness shows.

      Give the rest of this fascinating article a read for more context...

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    10. Some Unwritten Rules in Art Collecting to Live By

      Some Unwritten Rules in Art Collecting to Live By

      Here's another fascinating article from the Artsy. It's called 5 Unspoken Rules of the Art Market New Collectors Need to Know.

      It shares some valuable insights on the art market scene. This one's particularly intriguing:

      Collecting should not be based on the idea of gaining profit. [But], if a collector can buy a painting from a gallery for $35,000 and put it at auction shortly thereafter and get $50,000, it creates a lot of buyers who are only interested in buying and selling.

      Take a look at the rest of this post to learn more...

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    11. The 101 on Natural Brush Hairs

      The 101 on Natural Brush Hairs

      When people think of brushes, their main focus is on the shape of the tip. But another important consideration is what the tip is made of.  For budding artists who are interested in building up their art equipment, here is an easy-to-follow article on the differences between natural brush hairs. Winson and Newton, leading brush makers since the 1800s, share:

      One of the most important parts of a brush’s anatomy is that which touches both paint and canvas: the hair. Whether you decide upon sable, squirrel, goat or hog depends largely on your paint and your purpose, so it ...

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    12. The Best Places to Buy Antique and Vintage in Romantic Barcelona

      The Best Places to Buy Antique and Vintage in Romantic Barcelona

      Barcelona, Spain, is one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. Surely you want to bring home something to remind you of your trip. But between shopping malls and stalls at tourist spots, you'll be hard put to find anything that is all three things everyone wants in a souvenir: local, unique, and well-priced. But here's an interesting idea from the TravelDudes.org website:

      The feeling of antique and vintage shopping is like no other. That rush of adrenaline and sense of restlessness as you search for that one thing the high street stores just ...

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    13. Rwandan Art Culture is Up and Coming

      Rwandan Art Culture is Up and Coming

      Stumbled upon this excellent article on Travel and Leisure. It's called These Rwandan Artists are Driving a New Generation of Change and we think that it'll be a delightful read for you as much as it was to us.

      In it, Alexander-Julian Gibbson shares some great insights into the emerging Rwandan art. Here's a short excerpt for some context:

      For one, this young generation of artists has been burdened with the profound responsibility of defining Rwandan art. This carving out a new identity necessitates confronting the past, reckoning with hard truths about the country’s history and ...

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    14. Beautiful Contemporary Art from Eileen Olimb

      Beautiful Contemporary Art from Eileen Olimb

      We found this beautiful post on Artists Inspire Artists and we thought that we would share it here. It's called The Social Aspects of People: The Work of Eileen Olimb.

      It shares some fascinating works from the artist. Here's a short excerpt from the artist herself:

      I love strong colors and movement, people and faces and I use it all in my art. I sometimes use materials such as news paper, old posters collected from wherever I go or anything that I can find that can be used in my paintings.

      To see more of Eileen Olimb's ...

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    15. Why We Shouldn't Keep Children from Drawing

      Why We Shouldn't Keep Children from Drawing

      This article from the blog pages of the Queensland Art Gallery piqued our curiosity. It's called Ben Quilty: Family Portrait.

      Laura Mudge offers us a look into the artistic lives of the Quilty family. Here's a short excerpt that we found thought-provoking:

      ‘All children draw’, he says, ‘but it seems that when you get to about 12 or 14 or 16 there is this expectation that you will stop. I reckon you should keep drawing forever. If all the adults drew, they would be much, much cooler . . . So I hope that children walk away from the Gallery being ...

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    16. A Prefabricated Housing Module in the Middle of Nature for Relaxing

      A Prefabricated Housing Module in the Middle of Nature for Relaxing

      The interior design of LUMIPOD is made as a 4 hotel room with a curved entry door. The wardrobe is located on the right side of the bed while the bed itself is integrated into a shallow niche. The bathroom has a toilet, a shower, a sink, and a toilet that closed by a glass wall. For the finishing, the designer uses rough and simple materials such as woods for the bedroom floors and plywood for the ceiling and plywood.

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    17. Doll-Making as an Artform

      Doll-Making as an Artform

      Here's a fascinating artist from Channel News Asia. Her name is Janice Yong from Singapore and the dolls that she works on are worth $3,000.

      In this article titled The Singaporean Hand-Crafting the Wonder of Childhood for the World, we learn of her works. Here's an interesting snippet:

      Carving the plastic is similar to carving wood. I use tools like scalpels, chisels and other sharp things. It’s labour-intensive and there’s not much room for error. Following the carving, comes the sanding, painting, varnishing, and everything else in between and after – including lid art, making eye ...

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    18. Painting and drinking for fun and profit

      Last night, my daughter and I attended a session at Wine and Design - one of several franchises popping up across the country where you go to paint and drink wine (or whatever.) It was fun, and I can see it being a blast with a group of friends... or a DopeFest perhaps?? Has anyone else here done this? What did you think? I've always wanted to learn to paint, to not enough to sign up for art school. I saw this as a chance to mess around and maybe learn a few things.

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    19. The Artistic Life of Jean Michel Basquiat

      The Artistic Life of Jean Michel Basquiat

      Thought we'd share this fascinating piece on Artsy. It's called How to Be an Artist According to Jean Michel Basquiat.

      It's a feature on a great artist. Here's a short excerpt that we found really interesting:

      Even in grade school, Basquiat’s artistic approach didn’t conform to accepted standards of talent. “I was a really lousy artist as a kid. Too abstract expressionist, or I’d draw a ram’s head, really messy,” he later recalled. “I’d never win painting contests. I remember losing to a guy who did a perfect Spiderman.” After dropping ...

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    20. Blending with Nature Through Artistic Expression

      Blending with Nature Through Artistic Expression

      Came across this article on Psychology Today and thought we'd share it with you. It's called The Tao of Self-Fulfillment.

      In it, Kenneth Silvestri Ed.D. shares some wisdom on self-fulfilment. Here's a fascinating quote on human creativity and aesthetics that we found thought-provoking:

      Unpredictable outcomes will occur, as they do every moment in nature, yet there is an infinite amount of choice for a new avenue of creativity. Probably, this creativity or aesthetic human attribute is as close as we will get to blending with nature. This can include sharing outcomes through collective activism and artistic ...

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    21. Mental Health Illustrated as Spirit Animals

      Mental Health Illustrated as Spirit Animals

      We found this fascinating article on Bored Panda. It's called Artist Illustrates 10 Spirit Animals Related to Mental Health.

      It shares the work of the artist Artur Sudans. Here's a short quote from the artist himself:

      I had to keep myself busy so I wanted to have a little project where I could do a drawing a day, an emotional outlet. The Existential Despair Bear was the first one and it came from a comment my sister made about a meme months ago.

      To see the artwork and for more information, give the rest of the article a ...

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    22. The Healing Quality of Making Art

      The Healing Quality of Making Art

      We just had to share this excellent article from Psychology Today. It's called Art as a Healing Expression: Part 2.

      It features the insights of artist Brandon Breaux. He has some strong feelings about the relationship of art and mental health. Here's a snippet:

      By engaging in the creative process, we quiet the thinking brain and give voice to the unconscious. The cathartic result presents a pathway to understanding ourselves and our mental health—not in pieces, and not only through the veil of diagnosis, but as a whole, integrated person.

      It's a great piece that we ...

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