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    1. Women Aren't Adopting Digital Banks

      Women Aren't Adopting Digital Banks

      Thought we would share this interesting piece from Your Money Blog. It's called Why Do Challenger Banks Have a Female Problem?

      It's by financial journalist and blogger Iona Bain. In it, she shares some fascinating insights like this one:

      The gender gap in challenger bank awareness has complex and varied causes. One major factor to consider is that men are more likely to be “early adopters” than women, latching onto new technology quicker. Women are doubly disadvantaged when it comes to fintech because they have also been left behind in the world of tech, both as consumers and ...

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    2. The Evolution of Women's Relationship with Money

      The Evolution of Women's Relationship with Money

      Came across this fascinating piece from Bustle and it really piqued our interest. It’s titled 5 Stats the Prove the Money Conversation Has Changed Drastically for Women.

      It shares some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

      Women may combine friend groups and closets with their significant others, but not finances: Nearly two-thirds of millennial women in relationships surveyed say that keeping a separate bank account helps them to feel independent from their partner. It’s an obvious improvement from the days when women had limited access to their own money, but it’s also a sign that millennial ...

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    3. Trading Goals for the Wise Trader

      Trading Goals for the Wise Trader

      Think you can make money in trading? Luckily, we stumbled upon this article from Money Control so we can share it with you. It's called What Should Be Your Ultimate Objective While Trading?

      It shares some thought-provoking insights. Here's one of them:

      Initially it is good to learn by listening to experts and the trading/investing community. When you have achieved a sufficient learning curve, it is always good to undertake a self-analysis and self-experiment rather than confirm your opinions with other traders/investors. Cross-checking with experts calls for a probability of a loss in a dynamic market ...

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    4. Cryptocurrency Scam Alert!

      Cryptocurrency Scam Alert!

      Con artists and scammers litter the internet. Luckily, we stumbled upon this article from the Business Insider. It's titled 5 Cryptocurrency Scammers Charged Over $3 Million Fraud.

      It's important to stay abreast on scams like these so we're sharing this informative article. Here are some key insights from the piece:

      In 2018, Australians lost a combined $489.7 million to scams, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. This only takes into account scams reported to Scamwatch, ACORN and other government agencies.

      For more information on this scam, give the rest of the article a read ...

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    5. How to Deal when You've Hit Bottom on Your Bank Account

      How to Deal when You've Hit Bottom on Your Bank Account

      We sincerely hope this doesn't affect any of our readers, but it's good to be prepared for the absolute worst. When you've scraped the barrel and there's nearly nothing left, you need to fight the urge to panic and make the hard decisions you need to survive.

      Melanie Pinola and Lisa Rowan of LifeHacker share the emergency measures you need to take to keep yourself afloat. Here's one tidbit from the article when prioritizing where to allocate what little money you have:

      When money’s really tight there are some bills you can let slide ...

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    6. What You Should Know About Starting and Running a Business

      What You Should Know About Starting and Running a Business

      Ever thought about building and running your own business? We're lucky to have stumbled upon this article from Living Well Spending Less so we can share it with you. It's called Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss? 8 Truths About Running Your Own Business.

      It raises some important points. Here's one of them:

      When you own your own business, you’re in charge of making all the decisions. While initially, this sounds like a great deal, it’s also daunting and tough at times. If you don’t perform, you won’t earn money. The ...

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    7. 11 Statistics about Work-from-Home that Might Shock You

      11 Statistics about Work-from-Home that Might Shock You

      Work-from-home opportunities are becoming more and more common nowadays, and yet some people are nervous about it because they have certain conceptions about the way it works. This article from Fundera shows the numbers behind surveys and studies conducted on remote workers and their employers that might make you consider joining their ranks.

      Here's one that debunked my personal misconception about working from home:

      On average, telecommuters have a higher income than non-telecommuters do. Here’s how it breaks down: Among those employees who make $100,000 a year or less, the average telecommuter makes approximately $4,000 more ...

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    8. 8 Things You Can Do To Stop the Shopaholic in You

      8 Things You Can Do To Stop the Shopaholic in You

      In our consumerist culture, buying things = feeling good. But more often than not, the joy we get from shopping is fleeting and leaves us feeling guilty afterward. This article by Courtney Carver of BeMoreWithLess lists 8 concrete ways that you can start curbing your shopaholic tendencies today.

      Here's one I'll definitely try:

      What really matters to you? If you want to become debt free, support a local charity, spend two weeks in another country, take salsa dancing lessons, build a house, or change careers, start a fund specifically for that. When you are tempted to shop, ask yourself ...

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    9. Bloggers on FIRE: Who to Follow if You want to Gain "Financial Independence and Retire Early"

      Bloggers on FIRE: Who to Follow if You want to Gain "Financial Independence and Retire Early"

      The "Financial Independence, Retire Early" (FIRE) idea is gaining traction, and here are 9 blogs that you should consider reading if FIRE is one of your goals. Kelly Anne Smith of Forbes Magazine shares the 9 bloggers who are at the forefront of this movement--and 6 of these are women!

      Here's something I found interesting from the anonymous blogger behind Frugal Girl:

      The money is one thing, but the bigger goal should be to find the current joy in living,” she says. “Even if you reach a million dollars you can be miserable. You should be able to say ...

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    10. Why Women Are More Susceptible to Impostor Syndrome

      Why Women Are More Susceptible to Impostor Syndrome

      A significantly higher number of women suffer from intense and at times debilitating self-doubt due to a phenomenon called "impostor syndrome". If you've ever had the feeling that you're not really good at all and you've just somehow fooled everyone to think you are, then you might be suffering from impostor syndrome.

      But as Yomi Adegoke writes for The Guardian, it's not your fault. Instead:

      It is crucial to remember that women are not born feeling less-than. But if you are continually treated as though you are, you eventually internalise it. 

      Interested to know more? Read ...

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    11. The Rise of the Female Investor

      The Rise of the Female Investor

      Investopedia piqued our curiosity with this particularly interesting piece. It's called How Women View Finance and we thought that it's worth the share.

      It offers up some nuggets of wisdom Brian Bloch. Here's one of his fascinating perspectives:

      It is really only in the past century or so that women have successfully broken down many of the barriers in a male-dominated world. The role to which women have been relegated has constrained both their financial knowledge and activities. This situation is changing constantly.

      It's a striking article that you may want to take a look at ...

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    12. How to Pay Off Debt Without Becoming a Recluse

      How to Pay Off Debt Without Becoming a Recluse

      Here's a fascinating article from the OppLoans. It's called How to Socialize While Paying Off Debt.

      It shares some helpful insights. This one's particularly intriguing:

      Sometimes people may find your new goals difficult to understand and continue to pressure you to spend more money than you want to. In these cases, it’s important to set firm boundaries and get used to saying no. If someone continues to be rude about your new budget, it might be worth considering if you still want to spend as much time with that person and use your precious socializing money ...

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