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    1. Simple Nudges That'll Help You Save More

      Simple Nudges That'll Help You Save More

      Saving can be difficult. This article from CNBC, however, aims to help. It's called Trick Yourself Into Better Money Management. No Budget, No Spreadsheets Required.

      It shares some interesting ways to trick yourself into spending less. Little nudges like these are just fascinating:

      Simply writing out your expenses in a monthly calendar as you go is a very eye-opening exercise, even if you aren’t formally following any rules or budgets.

      Take a look at the rest of this article to learn more of these simple nudges to help you save more so you can invest more...


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    2. Do You Have a Magic Number for Your Retirement Savings?

      Do You Have a Magic Number for Your Retirement Savings?

      Here's a post from the Kiplinger that piqued my interest. It's called The Myth of the Magic Retirement Number.

      In it, Justin Kumar shares some fascinating points about the challenge of getting the magic retirement number. Here's a list that summarizes them:

      1. Retirement Age
      2. Life Expectancy
      3. Social Security
      4. Inflation
      5. Health Care Needs

      To learn more about these factors in more depth, give the article at the link below a click...

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    3. The Uncanny Similarities of Budgeting and Dieting

      The Uncanny Similarities of Budgeting and Dieting

      Do you think budgeting is hard? Here's a fascinating article from the Business Insider that shares some fresh new perspectives. It's called A Self-Made Millionaire Who Retired at 30 Says Budgeting is Like Dieting, and There's a Reason Neither Feels Effective.

      It shares some thought-provoking insights. Here's an example:

      Budgeting is a lot like dieting: the more guilt you feel, the less likely you are to stick with it. You think, ‘Well I’ve blown it,’ or ‘This isn’t working,’ and give up. Or eventually you start to feel deprived, like you have to cut ...

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    4. Typical Issues in the Mindsets of the Australian Investor

      Typical Issues in the Mindsets of the Australian Investor

      Here's an interesting piece on Australian investing psyche that might be holding us back from NMP Education. It's called Key Issues with the Psyche of the Australian Investor.

      In it, Debby Blakely shares some key insights. Here's a fascinating one:

      You can think of super as a vehicle to give you access to so many different asset classes. You might own a portion or airports and gas pipelines, and different property – not just residential.

      She also talks about various other concepts such as good debt vs. bad debt, tangible investments, and the 'home bias'. To see what ...

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    5. Which Type Are You?

      Which Type Are You?

      Have you read this interesting article from Kalkine Media. It's called A Glance at Types of Investors and Investment Options in Australia.

      It shares some fascinating points. This one particularly piqued our interest:

      Those who actively follows the stock market and intends to engage in every aspect of the investing experience are aggressive investors. Such investors spend a substantial amount of time in studying various aspects (fundamental versus technical) of the stock market to figure out the possible movement in the stock before the other investors could realise. These investors are always looking for new investment ideas and may ...

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    6. Retirement Planning Questions That You May Want to Ask Yourself

      Retirement Planning Questions That You May Want to Ask Yourself

      Here's a thought-provoking article from Forbes. It's called 5 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Retire.

      It raises some intriguing points. Here's one of them:

      Healthcare costs are likely to rise over time, and there’s a good chance that you’ll need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your lifetime — even if you have insurance.

      Are there other topics about your financial future that's been brewing silently in your mind?

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