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    1. Environmentally Sustainable Brands Prove to Be Sustainable Financially as Well

      Environmentally Sustainable Brands Prove to Be Sustainable Financially as Well

      Here's a fascinating 2018 article from The Drum. It's called Unilever's Sustainable Brands are the Fastest Growing Part of Its Business.

      In it, John McCarthy shares some interesting perspectives. Here’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking:

      Ever since we launched the USLP in 2010 we have reported openly on our progress. We have made great strides in meeting many of the ambitious targets we set ourselves and the fact that our sustainable living brands are continuing to deliver growth shows that this is a business model that works.

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    2. Sustainability in Our Digital Technology

      Sustainability in Our Digital Technology

      Thought we'd share this interesting piece from Strategy + Business. It's called Digital Technology and Sustainability: Positive Mutual Reinforcement.

      It makes some noteworthy points. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      If people are to develop “safe” digital technology, they must ensure that it aligns with humanity’s values, promising applications of the technology that do not harm humans or other species.

      That’s why we think there is a third element to consider: social impact value, which focuses on minimizing environmental damage and maximizing value from extracted resources, building biodiversity, neuro-diversity, and community inclusion.

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    3. Food Waste is Getting Out of Hand, Here's How Could Curtail It

      Food Waste is Getting Out of Hand, Here's How Could Curtail It

      In the midst of inequality and rampant poverty, food waste can seem like a tremendously irresponsible problem to have. Yet, we have it.

      Here's a riveting piece from The Consumer Goods Forum that shares just how big of a problem it has become. It's called Reducing Food Loss & Waste.

      It shares how alarming the situation truly is. Here's one point that I found truly eye-opening:

      In a world of rising population, increasing cost of food, concerns about inequality and growing food insecurity, food waste is one of the greatest challenges of our time with 30% (1.3 ...

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    4. The Importance of Being Sustainable at the Very Beginning

      The Importance of Being Sustainable at the Very Beginning

      Have a million-dollar business idea? It won't amount to much more than that if it's not sustainable from the very beginning. Here's a thought-provoking piece from the McKinsey & Company that explains why. It's called Starting at the Source: Sustainability in the Supply Chain.

      It shares some noteworthy ideas that we thought we would share here:

      One condition that can slow a company’s growth is poor sustainability performance, as measured in environmental and social impact. To make and sell goods, consumer businesses need affordable, reliable supplies of energy and natural resources, as well as permission from ...

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    5. Why Sustainable Brands Sell More

      Why Sustainable Brands Sell More

      Have you noticed there's a growing number of sustainable brands popping up left and right? It's no accident as this article from Entrepreneur so eloquently explains it. It's called It's Official: Customers Prefer Sustainable Companies.

      It shares some thought-provoking insights about consumer buying trends recently. Here's one of the ideas in it that we thought was share-worthy:

      For years we have been saying consumers vote with their purchases. It's nice to see the world's most respected sales research and analytics company finally prove it and do so in terms that any company can ...

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