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    1. How AI Can Benefit Accounting

      How AI Can Benefit Accounting

      I found this compelling article from the Artificial Intelligence B2B. It's called AI in Robotic Accounting and Auditing. 

      It makes some really interesting pointsHere’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking: 

      Corporate audits can be time-consuming, directing the attention of workers away from more productive pursuits as they work to demonstrate compliance to proper accounting practices. AI accounting software can be used to automate corporate accounting processes to reduce the demands of human labor in ensuring compliance to accounting and tax codes.

      Have a look at the complete article for more of the author’s observations.

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    2. The Benefits of Having an Integrated Accounting System

      The Benefits of Having an Integrated Accounting System

      Discovered this interesting piece by Jayne Thompson and it really piqued our interest. It’s called What is an Integrated Accounting System?

      It shares some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

      Depending on your system's modules, you can perform some fairly sophisticated accounting processes such as job costing or sales commission calculations automatically. This is tricky with standalone systems since basic bookkeeping software will not "talk" to your order management system or CRM system, so it does not know which costs, commissions or people are associated with which jobs or projects.

      If you want more, give the full ...

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    3. Taking Advantage of Small Business Tax Deductions Can Result in Huge Savings

      Taking Advantage of Small Business Tax Deductions Can Result in Huge Savings

      Thought we'd share this fascinating article from Sarah Sugar. It’s titled The Ultimate List of Small Business Tax Deductions.

      It offers some stimulating perspectives. Here’s one that we thought was genuinely noteworthy:

      Small business owners spend time each quarter reviewing invoices and receipts as a first step toward filing their taxes. But this process typically results in spending money rather than saving it. Let’s flip this concept on its head for a moment. In reality, tax time can be a time when you save money if you take advantage of all the small business tax deductions ...

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    4. Hiring Growth Consultants for Your Accountancy Firm

      Hiring Growth Consultants for Your Accountancy Firm

      Stumbled upon this convenient article from Michael Northcourt and thought that we would share it. It's titled 3 Ways Your Accounting Firm Can Benefit from a B2B Growth Consultant.

      It offers us some fascinating ideas. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

      As the task of accounting continues to grow more complex in nearly every aspect to the point where fundamental concepts are also challenges, several growth opportunities are overlooked. CPA firm owners continue to find themselves struggling with conflicts that pertain to public accounting and capitalizing on growth.

      Give the rest of this piece a read to learn about how ...

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