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    1. Get Your Website Optimized to Generate Leads Like a Boss

      Get Your Website Optimized to Generate Leads Like a Boss

      This piece called How to Turn Your Website into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse has some powerful suggestions that we just couldn't pass up. It's by Justin Herring.

      In it, he shares a lot of great points. This one's probably the most eye-opening:

      A lot of small business websites have only one call to action. It’s usually on the home page, but a lot of times it’s hidden deep in the website’s structure. It may be out of sight at the bottom of the page, overly complicated, or unclear. If that’s the case with your ...

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    2. The Difference Between Customer Generation and Lead Generation

      The Difference Between Customer Generation and Lead Generation

      Jaimie Pickles shares some thought-provoking insights in this article. It's called The benefits of switching from lead gen to customer gen.

      This one's particularly interesting:

      For businesses in the MLP sector, this methodology presents problems. For starters, MLP customers are far and few between — the likelihood of one customer buying multiple homes or cars in a short span of time is improbable. With this in mind, customers investigating options for major purchases need more targeted, meaningful engagement upfront than other strategies demand. A customer gen mentality focuses on personalizing marketing efforts from the beginning, concentrating on customers — not ...

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    3. Turning Blog Traffic into Leads: The Art of Conversion

      Turning Blog Traffic into Leads: The Art of Conversion

      Digital marketing guru Neil Patel is an advocate of blogging as a means to generate leads. But, how exactly do you do that?

      In this, article, Neil Patel himself shares some excellent insights about blogging and how it can help generate leads. Here's one that we thought was really interesting:

      You need to actively generate both traffic and leads. Traffic without leads is meaningless. Leads without traffic will eventually dry up.

      Here’s the best news: a frequently updated blog with high quality, valuable content is a lead generation machine…when done properly.

      Take a look at the rest ...

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    4. Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for Your 2020 Campaigns

      Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for Your 2020 Campaigns

      Thought we'd share this article from CustomerThink called How to Improve Your Lead Generation Strategy in 2020. It's by Syed Balkhi and he makes some interesting points here.

      In it, he shares with us some ways to generate leads this year. Some are new while others are improvements on yesteryear's methods, but all of them are thought-provoking. This one, in particular, really grabbed our attention:

      Content that drives traffic to your site can include blog posts, videos, infographics, and more. Then, you can turn those new website visitors into leads by offering content like webinars, free trials ...

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    5. Manage Business Scheduling With This Seamless App

      Manage Business Scheduling With This Seamless App

      Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

      For small businesses, scheduling appointments can be one of the most important aspects of growth. Unfortunately, managing schedules can also be an extremely tedious, complicated task.

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    6. Lead Generation 101

      Lead Generation 101

      Here's a compelling article from Lyfe Marketing. It's called What is Lead Generation Marketing and How is it Useful?

      It has some interesting insights. Here’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking:

      Gone are the days when your customers would see your ad in the local newspaper and call you with inquiries about a particular product. The expansion of technology and advertising platforms has allowed customers to shift from traditional media outlets like newspapers and television to social media and digital websites.

      Have a look at the complete article for more of the author’s interesting observations.

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    7. Lead Generation Basics

      Lead Generation Basics

      Discovered this interesting piece from Kuno Creative and it really piqued our interest. It’s called 10 Steps to a Killer Lead Generation and Lead Management Process.

      It shares some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

      You will need sales and marketing technology to put your process in place and get it running. As part of your alignment process, your teams need to agree on tools they will commit to using every day to capture and manage leads and customers.

      To learn the rest of the steps for a killer lead generation, take a look at the rest of ...

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