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    1. Here's What the Future Looks Like for Lead Generation

      Here's What the Future Looks Like for Lead Generation

      Thought we'd share this interesting piece from Forbes. It's got some really fascinating insights on the future of our industry.

      In it, Don Markland shares some of his perspectives. Here's one point that we just thought was thought-provoking:

      With the rise of social media's influence on customers’ buying decisions, B2B marketing and inside sales will continue to use multiple touch points to lead toward closing deals. In 2025, I expect that sales agents will be measured on how they influence accounts via social selling, social interaction and pushing of content -- similar to how dials are measured ...

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    2. Which Marketing Model is Best for This Quarantine Season?

      Which Marketing Model is Best for This Quarantine Season?

      We thought this one would make for an interesting read while we're all on lockdown. It's called Pick a Marketing Model That Lets You Pay for Results, Not Potential.

      There are some really meaty insights here. This one, for example, was particularly thought-provoking:

      In a precarious marketplace, businesses need to stabilize their immediate future by investing in channels that they know will drive profit. Affiliate marketing is the model for this moment: It’s built on transparent and trusting relationships, where brands and partners set clear expectations and companies only have to pay for the outcomes they get ...

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    3. There's No Better Time to Start Hosting a Webinar

      There's No Better Time to Start Hosting a Webinar

      This one's a really interesting piece from Eventbrite. It's called How to Host an Online Event or Webinar That Live Event Attendees Will Love

      There' are some really interesting ideas put forward in it. Here's one of them that we at Leads Magazine really loved:

      The bottom line is despite your expertise and experience, adaptability is still the most beneficial skill you need as an event professional. And with a whole slew of digital formatting options, you can more seamlessly pivot in any given challenge.

      Some call it a livestream, others call it a webinar or virtual ...

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    4. Guiding Principles to Fuel Your Sales Strategy

      Guiding Principles to Fuel Your Sales Strategy

      Here's an interesting article from Entrepreneur. It's called 5 Ways to Get Your Sales Strategy Back on Track.

      There are some gems in it that we thought were really fascinating. Here's one as an example:

      Any good conversation involves people connecting, building a mutual understanding, forming some level of trust. Think back to a conversation in your personal life where you and another person felt comfortable and understood: Connecting in the context of sales works the same way. The salesperson and the prospective customer are comfortable, freely share information and reach a mutual understanding. This type of ...

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    5. Why Your Social Media Lead Generation Isn't Working

      Why Your Social Media Lead Generation Isn't Working

       Has the full potential of social media marketing for lead generation purposes been reached? In this article, we dive deep into this argument. It's called How Effective is Social Media for Lead Generation? 

      Larisa Bedgood of V12 Data shares some eye-opening infographics on this hot topic. Here are some of her observations:

      Overall, it seems social media is not delivering to its potential for some brands. The problem does not necessarily point to a lack of strategy. The majority (64%) of brands surveyed stated they have a specific plan in place for generating leads from social platforms. However, many ...

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    6. Mistakes That You May Already Be Committing on Your Website That Are Costing You Leads

      Mistakes That You May Already Be Committing on Your Website That Are Costing You Leads

      Is your website not performing as well as you hoped? You might be committing one or a few these mistakes pointed out in this article from Business 2 Community's Priya Florence Shah.

      In it, she divulges some of the common mistakes that websites often commit when it comes to marketing and lead conversion. Here's the list:

      1. Not understanding what your customers want.
      2. Thinking that marketing is a one-time activity.
      3. Not creating content that converts.
      4. Not offering a lead magnet to website visitors
      5. Not having a sales funnel in place
      6. Not casting a wide enough net.
      7. Not being willing ...
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    7. Is Patience a Virtue in Lead Nurturing?

      Is Patience a Virtue in Lead Nurturing?

      This article from Elite Agent gives us a peek into what Julie Masters will be talking about in her talks for Prop20 coming to us in March and April. In it, the leadership guru has shares some truly thought-provoking insights.

      This one, we thought, would do our readers a lot of good:

      When a consumer starts researching any product they usually start at 10pm at night. They send the inquiry forms. But then, they back off again, do more research and then jump in again. And what tends to happen, is that when we get this enquiry and the person ...

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    8. How to Effectively Qualify Your Leads

      How to Effectively Qualify Your Leads

      Zen Desk's Leah Kidd has some really interesting ideas to share in this article. It's called The Ultimate Lead Qualification Checklist in Just 5 Questions and we think they're at least worth the try.

      In it, she shares:

      Anyone who’s worked in lead generation will tell you it’s hit or miss. Sometimes, even inbound leads aren’t sincerely interested in buying your product.

      That’s because not every lead who downloads a resource on your website or views the pricing page is there to buy your product. Maybe all they want is your ebook, or ...

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    9. Demand Generation is the New Lead Generation

      Demand Generation is the New Lead Generation

      In this insightful article, John Webb of Nowse, gives us a peak into the future of leads generation. It's called Lead generation is dead. Long live demand generation.

      In it, he makes a lot of interesting points that we just couldn't help get interested. Here's one of them:

      It’s time for a new, more humanistic approach, which connects with customers in context. It’s time to rethink capture. It’s time to engage with potential customer where they are, not force them through a CRM system. This will generate warmer prospects and they begin to filter ...

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    10. Generating More Leads from Your Existing Customers

      Generating More Leads from Your Existing Customers

      Came across this piece and thought it was really intriguing. It's called How to Find New Customers for an Old Product.

      There are some thought-provoking insights here that we thought we would share. Here's one of them:

      To engage your current audience —­ especially if you have a direct line of communication like email — you could encourage them to tell your story for you. A referral campaign, for example, can turn them into even stronger advocates and amplify your message. 

       To learn more, take a look at the rest of the article...

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    11. How Your Content Marketing is Boosting Your Lead Generation

      How Your Content Marketing is Boosting Your Lead Generation

      There are a ton of great ideas in this article called 9 Ways Your Content Marketing Can Generate Leads and Close Sales. We're sharing it with you because we thought you ought to be informed too.

      In it, copywriter and marketing consultant, Robert Bly, shares some really thought-provoking insights. This is one of them: 

      Content marketing can edu­cate prospects on what features, functions, and capabilities they should look for when buying a particular type of product or service. If you’ve presented your criteria in a white paper or other medium that looks like useful information and not ...

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    12. How to Leverage Facebook Ads For Lead Generation As Efficiently as Possible

      How to Leverage Facebook Ads For Lead Generation As Efficiently as Possible

      This season when everyone's trying to avoid the crowd and staying at home, everyone's just online. It's the perfect time to step your social media marketing game up. This article from the Social Media Examiner can help you do just that.

      In it, Charlie Lawrence shares some really interesting insights. Here's one of them: 

      When you have small audience sizes, creating multiple ad variations will help combat ad fatigue. Continuing to update this campaign with fresh ads is key to seeing consistent and sustainable results.

      There are a lot of interesting insights here that are surely ...

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    13. Is Your CRM an Asset to Your Sales Teams?

      Is Your CRM an Asset to Your Sales Teams?

      Thought we'd share this thought-provoking article. It's called Sales Reps (Still) Hate CRM.

      It shares some interesting points. Here's one of them: 

      Salespeople face a two-pronged challenge. On one side, in an environment that is more and more data-driven, they face an increasing reporting demand, which in turns requires an increasing amount of quality data being fed into the system.

      They feel that all these administrative tasks keep them away what they are doing best and what they want to do most: Be with their customers, understand them, and offer – sell – them the right solutions for their ...

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    14. Lead Generation Techniques That You May Not Be Paying Enough Attention To

      Lead Generation Techniques That You May Not Be Paying Enough Attention To

      Here's a really interesting article from Marketing Technology Insights that we think you should add to your reading list. It's called Marketing’s Role In Digital Transformation: Why Sales Owns The Last Mile.

      The ideas they share have some real value to them. This one, in particular, we think can help you out immediately:

      According to New Voice Media, 75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response.

      A call-back system provides users with an opportunity to get into a call with the company’s sales representative. Marketers can implement a tool ...

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    15. No One Likes to Fill Out Lead Generation Forms Anymore

      No One Likes to Fill Out Lead Generation Forms Anymore

      Here's thought-provoking piece from Forbes. It's called Why B2B Lead Generation Is Dying A Slow Death (And What To Do About It).

      It shares some really intriguing perspectives. Here's one that really caught our attention:

      Buyers today are delaying and often avoiding filling out contact registration forms, which are essential to the way first-generation marketing automation platforms work. Lead generation programs executed on marketing automation platforms are triggered and sustained by contact form registrations. Marketing nurture campaigns only kick off when someone opts in by filling out a contact form in exchange for an offer.

      Take a ...

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    16. Building a Loyal Customer Base

      Building a Loyal Customer Base

      Found this interesting piece from the Female Entrepreneur Association that we thought we should share. It's called Two game-changing lessons I learned from building a membership of 5,000+ super fans.

      There are some points here that we thought we could really use more of in the lead generation business. Here's an example that truly gripped us:

      The essential foundation to build and grow absolutely any type of successful business is to build an audience that loves what your business is all about.

      We all know the essentials of building an audience… growing an email list, finding followers ...

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    17. Get Your Website Optimized to Generate Leads Like a Boss

      Get Your Website Optimized to Generate Leads Like a Boss

      This piece called How to Turn Your Website into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse has some powerful suggestions that we just couldn't pass up. It's by Justin Herring.

      In it, he shares a lot of great points. This one's probably the most eye-opening:

      A lot of small business websites have only one call to action. It’s usually on the home page, but a lot of times it’s hidden deep in the website’s structure. It may be out of sight at the bottom of the page, overly complicated, or unclear. If that’s the case with your ...

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    18. The Difference Between Customer Generation and Lead Generation

      The Difference Between Customer Generation and Lead Generation

      Jaimie Pickles shares some thought-provoking insights in this article. It's called The benefits of switching from lead gen to customer gen.

      This one's particularly interesting:

      For businesses in the MLP sector, this methodology presents problems. For starters, MLP customers are far and few between — the likelihood of one customer buying multiple homes or cars in a short span of time is improbable. With this in mind, customers investigating options for major purchases need more targeted, meaningful engagement upfront than other strategies demand. A customer gen mentality focuses on personalizing marketing efforts from the beginning, concentrating on customers — not ...

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    19. Turning Blog Traffic into Leads: The Art of Conversion

      Turning Blog Traffic into Leads: The Art of Conversion

      Digital marketing guru Neil Patel is an advocate of blogging as a means to generate leads. But, how exactly do you do that?

      In this, article, Neil Patel himself shares some excellent insights about blogging and how it can help generate leads. Here's one that we thought was really interesting:

      You need to actively generate both traffic and leads. Traffic without leads is meaningless. Leads without traffic will eventually dry up.

      Here’s the best news: a frequently updated blog with high quality, valuable content is a lead generation machine…when done properly.

      Take a look at the rest ...

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    20. Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for Your 2020 Campaigns

      Lead Generation Tips and Tricks for Your 2020 Campaigns

      Thought we'd share this article from CustomerThink called How to Improve Your Lead Generation Strategy in 2020. It's by Syed Balkhi and he makes some interesting points here.

      In it, he shares with us some ways to generate leads this year. Some are new while others are improvements on yesteryear's methods, but all of them are thought-provoking. This one, in particular, really grabbed our attention:

      Content that drives traffic to your site can include blog posts, videos, infographics, and more. Then, you can turn those new website visitors into leads by offering content like webinars, free trials ...

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    21. Manage Business Scheduling With This Seamless App

      Manage Business Scheduling With This Seamless App

      Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.

      For small businesses, scheduling appointments can be one of the most important aspects of growth. Unfortunately, managing schedules can also be an extremely tedious, complicated task.

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    22. Lead Generation 101

      Lead Generation 101

      Here's a compelling article from Lyfe Marketing. It's called What is Lead Generation Marketing and How is it Useful?

      It has some interesting insights. Here’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking:

      Gone are the days when your customers would see your ad in the local newspaper and call you with inquiries about a particular product. The expansion of technology and advertising platforms has allowed customers to shift from traditional media outlets like newspapers and television to social media and digital websites.

      Have a look at the complete article for more of the author’s interesting observations.

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    23. Lead Generation Basics

      Lead Generation Basics

      Discovered this interesting piece from Kuno Creative and it really piqued our interest. It’s called 10 Steps to a Killer Lead Generation and Lead Management Process.

      It shares some intriguing points. Here’s one of them:

      You will need sales and marketing technology to put your process in place and get it running. As part of your alignment process, your teams need to agree on tools they will commit to using every day to capture and manage leads and customers.

      To learn the rest of the steps for a killer lead generation, take a look at the rest of ...

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