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    1. Managing Remote Employees

      Managing Remote Employees

      Remote work is no longer just the future of work, it's become the present. This is why it's important to set up systems to properly manage remote workers.

      In this article from Forbes we get to hear from a few industry leaders about their insights on it. Here's one from business coach Ilean Harris:

      Everyone has a different idea of what doing something "quickly" or "well" means. Whether showing examples of what you expect to be done, calendar sharing, etc., make sure you have clear expectations from those you work with online. The more prepared they are ...

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    2. Why Automation and Data Analytics are the Keys to Growing Your Startup

      Why Automation and Data Analytics are the Keys to Growing Your Startup

      Forbes hit the nail on its head with this excellent article. It's called If You are Growing a Small Business, Your Future Involves Disruption, Data Analytics and Automation. Six Insights On How to Stay Relevant.

      It's got some ideas worth sharing. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      Review your current business and assess exactly what every employee is working on. How much of your employee’s time is spent on redundancy or repeating their tasks each week? Outsource or automate those tasks and have the employees focus on increasing your current customer service levels or generating new sales.

      There ...

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    3. How to Reduce Your Business' Growing Pains

      How to Reduce Your Business' Growing Pains

      We stumbled upon this interesting article by Shawn Burcham of Global Trade. It's called Are Growing Pains Afflicting Your Business? How To Successfully Scale Your Company.

      Here's a fascinating point that we just couldn't help but share:

      Scaling is all about embracing the future, and that includes understanding millennials who will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

      What are you doing to future-proof your business? Take a look at the rest of this article for some inspiration!

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    4. Things to Look Out for Before You Even Contemplate on Scaling

      Things to Look Out for Before You Even Contemplate on Scaling

      Before we even contemplate scaling, it's important to understand if your business is in the right place to do so. This article from Medium has some great points and guidelines to look out for so you can avoid premature scaling.

      They share a lot of great insights in here. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      We often see startups allocating large sums of money to their marketing budget in an effort to acquire more customers. This is appropriate if the product is ready they have a proven business model. However, spending resources on customer acquisition before finding the correct market ...

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    5. Why It's Important to Benchmark Your Business

      Why It's Important to Benchmark Your Business

      Stumbled upon this really interesting article from myCEO and thought we would share it. It's called Are you effectively Benchmarking your Business?

      It's got some important points that we thought we all should consider. Here's one that we thought deserved a deeper look:

      Benchmarking can also be used to identify your business’ strengths. This shows you what you are doing well and what strategies are working. With this information you can then identify the factors and ensure you continue to perform at a high level and ahead of benchmark standards.

      It's an insightful article that we ...

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    6. Project Management Tips That Can Help You Scale Faster

      Project Management Tips That Can Help You Scale Faster

      There are some fascinating nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned from this article that we just couldn't help but share it. It's called How to Be a Better Project Manager: 81 Tips from PM Experts.

      It's got a ton of recommendations from project management experts that's aimed at creating systems that can help you scale your business. This tip, in particular, was really interesting: 

      The last thing you want to do is surprise your project stakeholders. Instead, be proactive by warning them beforehand about a situation or challenge that may have occurred.

      Let them know the ...

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    7. How to Turn Your Business Into a Well-Oiled Machine Through Building Systems

      How to Turn Your Business Into a Well-Oiled Machine Through Building Systems

      Marketing pundit, Dev Patel, shares some fascinating insights on systems in this article called How To Create Business Systems That Will Automate And Streamline Business Growth.

      There are gems here that we thought were really thought-provoking and innovative. This one point in particular is so poignant that it would be a crime not to share:

      Systems are the ultimate method of turning a struggling business into a well-oiled machine. You can systematize virtual anything in your business. Every single system has the potential to reduce your mental load, free up time, overcome hurdles, and enhance your progress.

      It's a ...

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    8. The Road from Freelancing To Owning a Business

      The Road from Freelancing To Owning a Business

      Here are some really thought-provoking advice from Business 2 Community. It's an article called How to Scale from Freelancer to Business Owner.

      There are some really poignant points to be made here. Here's one that we thought we ought to echo:

      Creating systems in your business to ensure that everything runs smoothly even when you’re not directly involved. Lay out what needs to be done, how often, and specify who is responsible. Don’t be a control hog either. If you know how to do something very well, teach your team members so they can possibly take ...

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    9. Widening Your Profit Margins

      Widening Your Profit Margins

      Stumbled upon this thought-provoking piece from MYOB. It's called 10 Ways to Increase Your Business' Profit Margin.

      It's got some really interesting suggestions. This one, in particular, got us thinking:

      Yes, I know it can be difficult. But often we business owners are more worried than our customers about price, and, let’s face it, our overheads are going up all the time.

      It’s true that you might lose the odd customer, but if your margin is 50 percent, a 10 percent increase in prices means you can lose 17 percent of your customers yet be no ...

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    10. Start a Business With the Goal of Scaling in Mind from the Beginning

      Start a Business With the Goal of Scaling in Mind from the Beginning

      Here's an article that we thought would be a nice addition to your reading list. It's called How to Start a Business: 23 Steps to Becoming Operational.

      There are some ideas here that we found really thought-provoking. Here's an example:

      I cannot stress enough the value of building like you are going to grow from day one. I get that you are probably the only person in your business right now. You should operate as if you are an organization of people, not just yourself. This will save you an incredible amount of headache down the road ...

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    11. Tech Related Tasks To Outsource So You Can Focus on Scaling

      Tech Related Tasks To Outsource So You Can Focus on Scaling

      Came across this piece from The Web Writer Spotlight and immediately thought that we would share it. The article is titled Eight Tech Tasks Your Business Should Outsource.

      It shares some really interesting insights. Here's one that we thought was fascinating:

      Outsourcing technology-related work is a way to get deep expertise in software development and testing without hiring employees long-term. You receive assistance on your terms, when you need it, without paying for extra hours.

      With outsourcing, business owners do know what skills they pay for. If you need an app developer for six months, you can hire a ...

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    12. Getting Your Business Ready to Scale

      Getting Your Business Ready to Scale

      Before you can scale your business, your business must be ready for the incoming changes. This article titled 6 Ways to Design Your Company to Scale from Entrepreneur shares just that.

      This particular idea is one of the more thought-provoking ones on the list:

      There are myriad reasons to hire global talent to help scale your business. Cost efficiency is one, but additionally, it’s easier than ever to hire developer teams to implement replicable systems as you scale. 

      Also, diversity on your team isn’t just an asset; it’s a must. Diversity makes your team stronger and more ...

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    13. Key Insights Into Outsourcing

      Key Insights Into Outsourcing

      Just because you want to run a tight ship doesn't mean you can't get help from time to time. Outsourcing is one key way to scale your business while minimizing risks.

      This article from The Balance aims to help us do just that by giving us guidelines on just how to outsource safely, and most importantly, efficiently. Here's one tip that stood out to us:

      When you’re evaluating proposals from service providers, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just like hiring a full-time employee, selecting a vendor is a very subjective experience. Check their references ...

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