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    1. Tech Related Tasks To Outsource So You Can Focus on Scaling

      Tech Related Tasks To Outsource So You Can Focus on Scaling

      Came across this piece from The Web Writer Spotlight and immediately thought that we would share it. The article is titled Eight Tech Tasks Your Business Should Outsource.

      It shares some really interesting insights. Here's one that we thought was fascinating:

      Outsourcing technology-related work is a way to get deep expertise in software development and testing without hiring employees long-term. You receive assistance on your terms, when you need it, without paying for extra hours.

      With outsourcing, business owners do know what skills they pay for. If you need an app developer for six months, you can hire a ...

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    2. Getting Your Business Ready to Scale

      Getting Your Business Ready to Scale

      Before you can scale your business, your business must be ready for the incoming changes. This article titled 6 Ways to Design Your Company to Scale from Entrepreneur shares just that.

      This particular idea is one of the more thought-provoking ones on the list:

      There are myriad reasons to hire global talent to help scale your business. Cost efficiency is one, but additionally, it’s easier than ever to hire developer teams to implement replicable systems as you scale. 

      Also, diversity on your team isn’t just an asset; it’s a must. Diversity makes your team stronger and more ...

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    3. Key Insights Into Outsourcing

      Key Insights Into Outsourcing

      Just because you want to run a tight ship doesn't mean you can't get help from time to time. Outsourcing is one key way to scale your business while minimizing risks.

      This article from The Balance aims to help us do just that by giving us guidelines on just how to outsource safely, and most importantly, efficiently. Here's one tip that stood out to us:

      When you’re evaluating proposals from service providers, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Just like hiring a full-time employee, selecting a vendor is a very subjective experience. Check their references ...

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