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    1. Basketball Tryout Tips that Would Make Coaches Notice You on the Court

      Basketball Tryout Tips that Would Make Coaches Notice You on the Court

      Trying out for your school's basketball or any team is a nerve-wracking experience. It's one of those things that you have no control over no matter how hard you make an effort because, in the end, it's always the coach's decision to take you in or reject you.

      This article aims to help you calm your nerves by telling you exactly what you need to do in order to stand out from the crowd during your try-outs.

      "If you focus heavily on scoring alone during a basketball tryout, you might miss out on opportunities to make ...

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    2. Ballin' in the Mountains of China

      Ballin' in the Mountains of China
      In this post, Karl Barkley updates us on his basketball trip to China. He talks about how the basketball culture there is similar and different at the same time to stateside basketball.
      We at Global Hoops Magazine are in awe of how he describes his amazing trip as it shows how basketball has become a truly global sport. It that brings people and cultures, that would not have a thing to bond over otherwise, together in the same court competing for the same victory.
      He played in the CIBL season in the quiet mountains of Longquan. He shares with us ...
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    3. Meet The PSB Elite U17 Basketball Team

      Meet The PSB Elite U17 Basketball Team

      In this Pro Skills Basketball article, Zain Motani gives us the lowdown on the team that Pro Skills Basketball has gotten together for the Under Armour Association Challenge.

      Their awesome line up really gets our staff back at Global Hoops Magazine excited to see these young men in action. Based on Motani's assessments, they look like that they can be a formidable team even when up against an older team.

      The article also features an interview with their standout at the guard position Caleb Mills and their extraordinary forward in Justice Ajogbor. They talk about their progress as basketball ...

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    4. Talking Basketball With A Talented Pro

      Talking Basketball With A Talented Pro

      We at Global Hoops Magazine love this Pro Skills Basketball feature on Malik Monk and his basketball camp. For this article, the Hornets point guard is more than gracious enough to let us take a peek into his life as a basketball player.

      He tells us about his motivations for starting the basketball camp in North Carolina. He also reveals what he wants to accomplish with it. It's a heartwarming story giving back to a game that he loves and has loved him back.

      In this piece, the guard also answers questions about his journey and how it's ...

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    5. Meet the Future of Basketball

      Meet the Future of Basketball
      Thes impressive young basketball players have wowed us at Global Hoops Magazine! This article rounds up all of the best young talents that the Jay Bilas Skills Camp has to offer.
      All these young basketball players have brought their A-games to the North Carolina camp. While there are plenty of excellent offensive players, this exhaustive list of standouts also features a lot of outstanding team players who know their role and does it well.
      Scouts and enthusiasts are going to be all over this article. So, if you're a basketball fan, this article lets you know who to watch ...
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    6. How Pro Skills Basketball Organizes Their Programs

      How Pro Skills Basketball Organizes Their Programs

      Organizing youth basketball programs is not an easy endeavor. It requires patience when talking to parents and kids, hardwork for getting to the gym, and dedication to the sport of basketball.

      That's why we at Global Hoops salute the guys at Pro Skills Basketball who give youth basketball organization such love.

      In this awesome article, they talk about how they make their program great. In the process, they share their knowledge to other aspiring basketball coaches on how to create their own unique program.

      It's the second part of a series of blogs. This one deals with how ...

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    7. The NBA is Ready for More Asian Talents

      The NBA is Ready for More Asian Talents
      China has a huge market for the NBA. This is why the league has been pouring in resources in the region.
      For starters, they've invested in two Jr. NBA leagues in the country's two largest cities. For the more provincial areas, they opted to build basketball academies.
      "The NBA and other foreign entities hoping to train players must strike a balance that placates regional basketball authorities while still managing to implement meaningful changes to the existing Chinese basketball system," reads this article from Pro Skills Basketball.
      Hopefully one of the products of these academies become proficient enough to ...
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    8. Want To Be One Of The Greatest? Improve Your Basic Ball Handling Skills First

      Want To Be One Of The Greatest? Improve Your Basic Ball Handling Skills First

      If your dream is to become one of the world's greatest basketball players, you first need to master basic basketball skills and fundamentals.

      Specifically: dribbling and ball handling

      Within the game, these two skills are used interchangeably despite being two different skills, 

      And are therefore two of the most important basketball skills you need to hone down on to become a great basketball player.

      So check out these simple tips to improve your ball handling skills.....


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