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    1. Bad Habits That Waste Money

      Bad Habits That Waste Money

      If there's anyone who knows how to handle money, it's Business Insider. In this article, they show their prowess once again by sharing with us some habits to avoid when handling our own finances.

      Here's a short excerpt:

      Think of your checking account as a pit stop for your money — your cash should pause there only briefly before going out to pay bills, cover expenses, and fund your savings and investment accounts. Your money is earning nothing in your checking account, and it's earning pennies if you're keeping it in a typical bank savings account ...

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    2. What Accountants Can Really Do For You

      What Accountants Can Really Do For You

      Stumbled upon this fascinating piece from Business Insider. It's called 6 things you probably didn't realize your accountant can do for your small business.

      There are some really thought-provoking ideas in it. Here's one that we found really interesting:

      accountants help clients gather the information and data necessary for a loan, from quantifying the current financial condition and credit need to identifying repayment sources. With this data, accountants can also work with clients to craft compelling loan applications that can improve the chances a bank will approve the request.

      There are more insights to be gleaned from ...

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    3. Some Financial Advice That Backfired

      Some Financial Advice That Backfired

      Jen Glantz's shares some experiences in this fascinating article where we all could learn from. It's called 3 Pieces of Financial Advice That Cost Me Thousands of Dollars.

      In it, she shares some stories about her own experiences and helps us glean some insight from them. Here’s one lesson that's particularly thought-provoking:

      Before putting all of my spare cash into a retirement fund, I should have considered the next few years first. Now, I'd tell anyone to put what you can into your retirement savings, but make sure you have a cash emergency fund, too ...

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    4. Creating an Environment Where Innovation Efforts Don't Go to Waste

      Creating an Environment Where Innovation Efforts Don't Go to Waste

      Thought we’d share this fascinating article from Business Insider UK. It’s titled 77% of Internal-Innovation Efforts Fail. Here's a 4-step Checklist for Ensuring That Doesn't Happen to Your Company.

      It offers some stimulating ideas. Here’s one that we thought was genuinely noteworthy:

      You've got to have some metrics that start to build a culture and the capabilities of intrapreneurship, but eventually you also have to draw a line in the sand and get clear about how long you are willing to experiment on this.

      To find out more about these ideas, look into the ...

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    5. Advice for a Running Start in Your Career

      Advice for a Running Start in Your Career

      This article from The Business Insider caught our interest. The author calls it 4 Smart Things I Did During College to Kickstart my Dream Career.

      It offers us some fascinating nuggets of wisdom. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

      I found that the best way to learn about job openings was through the connections I made by going on informational interviews. When an assistant or editor position opens up, the first candidates considered are usually recommendations from staff or contacts of the hiring manager.

      Check out the rest of this article from the website linked below…

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    6. Mark Cuban Has Some Advice for Parents With Entrepreneurial Kids

      Mark Cuban Has Some Advice for Parents With Entrepreneurial Kids

      Here's a compelling 2018 article from the Business Insider. It's called Mark Cuban Explains the Steps Any Parent Should Take When Their Child Has an Idea for a Business - Whether You Think It's a Good Idea or Not.

      In it, the Shark Tank entrepreneur shares some perceptive ideas. Here’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking:

      It doesn't matter if it's the video game Fortnite or making and selling slime. Finding something they want to learn about and helping them find things to read about sets a natural path to turning that knowledge into a business ...

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