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    1. How Linein Became the rich Man's Fabric

      How Linein Became the rich Man's Fabric

      Found this fascinating piece from The Epoch Times. It's called Luxurious Linen: Why the Commoner's Fabric is Making an Expensive Comeback.

      It offers some interesting ideas. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

      In Europe, linen was a widely available fabric worn by peasants in medieval times. Any clothing designed to touch the skin, such as undergarments, were made out of linen or hemp, because animal fibers such as wool were too scratchy. Only the very wealthy had clothing made out of silk. Linen was appreciated for its practicality and was not associated with the ideas of rarity or nobility ...

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    2. A Reminder to Avoid Walking Your Pets When It's Too Hot Outside

      A Reminder to Avoid Walking Your Pets When It's Too Hot Outside

      We came across this interesting article and thought that we would share it with you. It's called Vet Shares Photo of Burned Paws with a Warning to Dog Owners on Hot Pavements.

      It offers some important reminders. Here's one of them:

      Sidewalks can be much hotter than the air temperature, reaching over 150 degrees on exceptionally hot days, while the temperature of asphalt can reach even higher.

      Pets’ paws can burn after just five minutes of touching a surface at 120 degrees, according to Fulton Homes.

      It's an important article. To learn more about it, check it ...

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    3. These Habits Help You Become a Little Bit Happier

      These Habits Help You Become a Little Bit Happier

      Here's a great article that we thought we'd share from The Epoch Times. It's called How to be Happy: 25 Habits to Add to Your Routine.

      It shares some insightful self-care tips. Here's one that we thought was thought-provoking:

      Simply being grateful can give your mood a big boost, among other benefits. For example, a recent two-part study found that practicing gratitude can have a significant impact on feelings of hope and happiness.

      To find out what's on the rest of this list of 25 habits, give the article a read the website linked below...

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    4. Determining Your Purpose Leads to Longer Life

      Determining Your Purpose Leads to Longer Life

      Stumbled upon this article from the Epoch Times and thought we would share it. It's called Seniors Who Feel Their Life Has Purpose May Live Longer.

      It shares some awesome insights. Here's a short but informative quote:

      In a study that followed nearly 7,000 people over age 50 for more than a decade, researchers determined that people were more likely to die at a younger age if they felt their lives had little purpose, according to the report published in JAMA Network Open.

      If you want a more in-depth read of the article, just click on the ...

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