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    1. Tradies Doing Yoga Might Just Become a Common Sight In Australia Pretty Soon

      Tradies Doing Yoga Might Just Become a Common Sight In Australia Pretty Soon

      Tradies doing Yoga might not be an everyday thing yet but it soon might be. This news piece from 9News shares all about it.

      Here's a short quote from the Spiritual Tradie, Daniel Tucker:

      It's actually very detrimental to our mental health and wellbeing to bottle up our feelings. The actual practice enables us to make a connection with the deeper sense of self.

      If you're interested to learn more about this, take a look at the rest of this fascinating news...

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    2. Australia is Especially Vulnerable to Climate Change

      Australia is Especially Vulnerable to Climate Change
      9 News really caught our attention with this article. It's called Australia Must Exit Coal by 2030: Report.

      It shares some really interesting news. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

      Climate Analytics says the government needed a national plan to phase out remaining coal-fired plants, and needed to take them offline faster than the existing timetable.
      Such a plan would help provide the energy sector with certainty, the report released on Thursday said.
      Chief executive Bill Hare pointed to the current bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland as a sign the country needed to curb emissions rapidly.

      Give the ...

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    3. A Crisis in Aged Care is Brewing

      A Crisis in Aged Care is Brewing

      Thought we'd share this thought-provoking piece from 9 News. It's called Young In Aged Care a 'National Disgrace'.

      It offers interesting points. This one, in particular, has got me thinking:

      Mr Lye said a conservative estimate of the cost through the NDIS of supporting younger people currently in residential aged care to live in the community was in the order of $700-800 million a year.

      Give the rest of the article a read and weigh in...

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