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    1. The Joy of Managing a Team of Intrapreneurs

      The Joy of Managing a Team of Intrapreneurs

      One intrapreneur is cool but how about an entire team of innovators? This fascinating piece from Thrive Global has some particularly 

      In this article, Ben Erwin, President at Charitybuzz, shares some important insights. Here's one of the more thought-provoking perspectives:

      As a manager, if you can harness intrapreneurs’ passion in the direction of your business goals, you end up with a team that is more effective both individually and together.

      It's an intriguing read so do give the rest of it a thorough looking over.

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    2. How This Tech Intrapreneur Used Her Expertise to Get Drug and Alcohol Addicts the Help They Need

      How This Tech Intrapreneur Used Her Expertise to Get Drug and Alcohol Addicts the Help They Need

      Thought we’d share this awesome article from the Thrive Global. It’s titled Why Daniela Tudor Luzi Created an App to Support People in Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction.

      In it, the social intrapreneur offers some really stimulating ideas. Here’s one that we thought was genuinely noteworthy especially for budding intrapreneurs:

      There’s only 1 thing, not 5 that I wish someone had told me when I started my mission and that is to not be so hard on myself. The path to success is not linear but it happens the way it is supposed to. When ...

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    3. The Importance of Staying True to Your Femininity in Leadership

      The Importance of Staying True to Your Femininity in Leadership

      This awesome article by Fortis Georgiadis is truly insightful. It's called Women in STEM: “Your ability as a leader to inspire and motivate employees is based on trust” with Roni Frank of Talkspace.

      In it, he interviews Roni Frank, co-founder of Talkspace. Here's how she tackles being a woman leader:

      It’s not necessary to emulate stereotypically “masculine” qualities in order to be a successful, assertive leader. Instead, stay authentic, quiet those voices that tell you that you need to show more dominance, power or control. These qualities, despite being considered “strong and masculine” are not effective. On ...

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    4. Curating Your Brand to Success

      Curating Your Brand to Success

      This article from Thrive Global piqued our curiosity. It's called Content Curation: Is It (Still) A Worthwhile Strategy In 2019?.

      It offers some nuggets of wisdom. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

      What you may also find surprising is that tangential content that only partially links with your primary industry can also be used to great effect.

      Sharing content that is outside the “mainstream” of your industry will help to set you apart and show your brand really has a finger on the pulse.

      Check out the rest of this article from the website linked below…

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    5. How To Achieve Emotional Discipline

      How To Achieve Emotional Discipline

      We found this excellent article from Thrive Global called How to Become Emotionally Stronger and Take Control of Your Feelings and thought that we should share it with you.

      In it, we learn of Dr Lisa Barrett's interesting work. It is filled with fascinating nuggets of wisdom. This one, in particular, got us here at Healm Magazine interested:

      Barrett, who has studied the science of emotions for over 25 years, says that emotions are a lot like predictions. When something happens to us, our brain starts “working like crazy,” sorting through our lived experiences to figure out what the ...

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    6. How Being Exposed to Nature Helped this Social Entrepreneur's Productivity

      How Being Exposed to Nature Helped this Social Entrepreneur's Productivity

      Going into a slump at work is difficult to deal with especially if there are people who depend on you to be productive. Social entrepreneur Jane Chen talks about her productivity issues in this excellent article. She also shares with us how she got over it through the Esalen Institute.

      She was feeling inadequate before she entered the project. She wasn't able to work effectively and even in leisure time, she had trouble. "For some reason, I've developed a fear of catching any waves over 3 feet. I don't quite understand it, and I'm working to ...

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    7. How The Multitasking Mindset Can Actually Be Productive

      How The Multitasking Mindset Can Actually Be Productive

      Humans just aren't designed to take more than one task at a time. Believing any different can sometimes be deadly. Texting and driving, for example, is something that sounds easy enough to do but the data say otherwise.

      In this article, we read about how a simple mental shift can have a huge effect on productivity. "While adding extra tasks to your load at any given moment (trying to literally multitask) hurts performance — by causing you to lose time and mental energy by shifting between tasks or topics — thinking about a single task as a multitask improves performance, her ...

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