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    1. Lazy Content Marketing Can Derail Your Campaigns

      Lazy Content Marketing Can Derail Your Campaigns

      Here's some food for thought from Kochie's Business Builders. It's an article titled Don’t let your content marketing be lazy and it's got some really fascinating points.

      This one, for example, was particularly thought-provoking:

      You might be an industry thought leader or a prolific writer, but if your content is not cleaned up and well presented, then your blog post, ebook, tweet, or comment will work against you instead of for you. Additionally, headlines often determine page views, so summaries and metadata must accurately describe the substance of the content.

      Give the rest of the ...

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    2. Oprah's Magic Touch

      Oprah's Magic Touch

      Oprah's Midas Touch working for the Australian brand Murphy & Daughters. In this article, we get to see it in action. It's called How this Aussie Brand Became One of Oprah’s Favourite Things.

      In it, the brand's owner shares some really great insights from the brand's owner. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

      The inclusion in Oprah’s Favorite Things 2019 has meant the Murphy & Daughters team is working around the clock to prepare for the opportunity. A new warehouse has been hired. Eight additional staff have been employed. Tonnes and tonnes of Australian salt have been ...

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    3. Keys to Building Your Tradie Business

      Keys to Building Your Tradie Business

      Came across this fascinating piece from Kochie's Business Builders and it really piqued our interest. It’s called 7 Tips to Getting Your Tradie Business Set Up for Success.

      It shares some thoughtful ideas from marketing to servicing your tradie business. Here’s one of them:

      Profile your customers. The better you understand your customer the better you will be able to target them. Adjust your marketing campaign to suit your ideal customer, whether that is via social media, direct mail or digital marketing.

      If you want more interesting advice, give the full article a read at the website ...

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    4. The Inspiring Story of a Young Indigenous Entrepreneur and Artist

      The Inspiring Story of a Young Indigenous Entrepreneur and Artist

      We stumbled upon this article called How This Young Entrepreneur Went Global. In it, Shihana Shahabdeen shares with the origin story of young indigenous entrepreneur and artist Chern’ee Sutton.

      The young entrepreneur's story raises some insights that we thought we would share here. This one's particularly thought-provoking: 

      Chern’ee’s painting small business is full-time. She paints from morning till night. There is a lot of effort that goes into creating a painting and she mainly works alone. It’s just her and her paintings. Recently, she’s been doing workshops with disability services, school children and ...

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    5. Fast-shipping key to keeping Gen Z shoppers happy online

      Fast-shipping key to keeping Gen Z shoppers happy online

      A new global report on the customer experience (CX) of Gen Z online shoppers has revealed poor shipping options will lead to shopping cart abandonment. The ‘Great Expectations: Shipping, CX & Gen Z’ report revealed 97 per cent of Gen Z Australians would ditch their online shopping cart if the e-tailer could not provide them […]

      The post Fast-shipping key to keeping Gen Z shoppers happy online appeared first on Kochie's Business Builders.

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    6. Best Productivity Apps in the Connected Workplace

      Best Productivity Apps in the Connected Workplace

      The internet made us a lot more efficient at work but it did not make us any less busy. On the contrary, it even heightened our workload as we are expected to do more because of the relative ease. The result, therefore, is longer unfocused hours plainly because there are so many things to do.

      "Endless emails, long meetings and the constant onslaught of information that comes our way every day can make it difficult to focus," writes Cec Busby for Business Builders. At this point, it just makes connectivity counterproductive.

      In this article, Busby shares with us some apps ...

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