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    1. Has the Australian Accounting Standards Become Out of Touch?

      Has the Australian Accounting Standards Become Out of Touch?

      This Australian Financial Review shares this interesting report. It's a fascinating piece titled Accounting standards now 'outrageously complex'.

      In the article, Liberal MP Jason Falinski says:

      Accounting standards have become outrageously complex. That’s detrimental to the proper functioning of corporate entities and to investors in the capital markets.

      Let's take a look at how we can improve it together, shall we?

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    2. Euroz tapped for Energy Resources raising

      Euroz tapped for Energy Resources raising

      Energy Resources of Australia has appointed WA broker Euroz Securities for its $476 million capital raising backed by Rio Tinto.

      Flagstaff Partners and BurnVoir Corporate Finance were appointed financial advisers and Ashurst for legal advice on the recapitalisation.

      The fully underwritten 6.13 for one pro rata renounceable entitlement offer was priced at 15¢ a share. This represented a 38 per cent discount to the 10-day volume weight average price.

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    3. Is the reign of the US dollar coming to an end?

      Is the reign of the US dollar coming to an end?

      Without question, Libra could become a widely used form of payment – partly because Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users, but also because the existing financial system is full of inefficiencies. If private money could make it cheaper, easier, and safer to make payments, then consumers would be happy to use it. Few people care what is under the hood of the monetary engine; most just want crash-proof transactions.

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    4. Designer Lucy Folk shares her favourite things

      Designer Lucy Folk shares her favourite things

      Hometown Melbourne

      Current residence Paris

      Age 36

      First job Working in my dad’s cafe at a very young age

      Current job Creative director and founder, Lucy Folk

      Sleeping in is ... a priority on the weekend.

      Most extravagant purchase to date? Pools, a set of four photographs by American visual artist Antoine Wagner.

      What’s your favourite accessory of all time? A very special necklace of bronze castings, terracotta components and hand-woven rope, made by my friend and collaborator Guidi.

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    5. How Physical Books Are Still Alive in the Era of Digital Media

      How Physical Books Are Still Alive in the Era of Digital Media

      Here's a compelling article from The Australian Financial Review. It's called Why Vinyls, Books and Magazines Will Never Die.

      In it, Leonid Bershidsky shares some interesting observations. Here’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking:

       According to the American Booksellers' Association, independent bookstores' sales went up about 5 per cent in 2018. These stores are where people hang out, discuss their discoveries, receive recommendations and advice. 

      Have a look at the complete article for more of Leonid's fascinating arguments.

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    6. Why Change Management is Important

      Why Change Management is Important

      Tech is disrupting many different industries in a huge way.  Here's an article that we thought we'd share to help businesses cope with the fast changes that it induces. It's called Change Management is the Key to Digital Strategy.

      It shares some interesting insights. Here's one that's thought-provoking:

      This transformation may include introducing new tech – because there is more of it and it’s cheaper – but the tech on its own, without the underlying changes to business processes, and change management, is going to fail.

      For more of this interesting article, click on the link ...

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    7. The Importance of Systems

      The Importance of Systems

      This article from Australian Financial Review piqued our curiosity. The author calls it Cultural Convergence and we thought we'd share it here.

      It offers up some nuggets of wisdom. This one, in particular, was very thought-provoking:

      While the culture of an organisation is usually thought of as its people, Sammartino’s take is different – he says it is the systems the people move around in.

      For that reason, he says the best way to change the culture is to change the physical space people work in.

      Check out the rest of this article from the website linked below…

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    8. The Cashless Trend Can Become a Problem to Retirees

      The Cashless Trend Can Become a Problem to Retirees

      Sweden's retirees are having trouble with the rapid technological developments there as cash has now almost obsolete. While it's a boon to some of the younger generations, to the elder ones who are not as technologically savvy, this poses a huge problem especially because some essential goods stores are starting to go cashless as well.

      In this Financial Review article, finance journalist Liz Alderman explains that, "cash is being squeezed out so quickly – with half the nation's retailers predicting they will stop accepting bills before 2025 – that the government is recalculating the societal costs of a cash-free ...

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    9. Financial Management Tips That Can Help You Plan for Your Retirement

      Financial Management Tips That Can Help You Plan for Your Retirement

      When it comes to retirement, whether you're planning on doing it early or later, it's all hinged on sound financial management. This article from the Financial Review focuses on a speech made by the Reserve Bank Governor Philipp Lowe.

      The governor puts emphasis on the four fairly basic principles. However, the article's author decided to expound a little bit more on the governor's for a more in-depth explanation on how to save and invest.

      It's a great article that we at Retirement Life Magazine can definitely recommend even if it's not wholly centred on ...

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    10. The super wars are now fake news

      The super wars are now fake news

      The ideological war that has raged around compulsory superannuation since the Labor government designed the system and implemented it to substitute for wage rises back in 1992, is finally firing blanks.

      While we're still waking to front pages of stern-faced unionists urging Labor to "turf banks out" of super, the real news is that the wealth industry is undergoing one of its most radical periods of change in decades.

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    11. Fund Raising Campaign Results in $5M for Elderly Health Start-up Billy

      Fund Raising Campaign Results in $5M for Elderly Health Start-up Billy

      In this article, Carrie LaFrenz writes focuses on a venture that'll potentially help keep pensioners living independently as long as possible. She talks about the endeavour of an Australian start-up called Billy. 

      "An Australian start-up that seeks to keep elderly people out of hospital and in their homes living independently for longer by monitoring them remotely has raised $5 million from one of South Australia's largest aged care service providers," she writes. Through their apps, relatives and family can keep track of their pensioner's movements and can be alerted immediately if something has gone awry.

      It's ...

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