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    1. The Virtue of Looking at 'Negative' Emotions from a New Perspective

      The Virtue of Looking at 'Negative' Emotions from a New Perspective

      Thought we’d share this fascinating article from the Higher Perspective. It’s titled 7 "Negative" Behaviors That Are Actually Healthy and we thought that we'd share it here.

      It offers some thought-provoking perspectives. Here’s one that we thought was interesting:

      It's true, anger isn't exactly the most attractive feature on a person for most, but not for me. If you can get mad, if you can feel the emotion, I say that's a good thing.

      Take the energy produced by your anger and use it for a positive result. Learn to express your anger ...

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    2. How To Be Less Reactive to Things You Can't Change

      How To Be Less Reactive to Things You Can't Change

      Stumbled upon this interesting article from Higher Perspectives. It's called Nothing is Permanent.

      It shares some really fascinating points of view that we thought you should read. Here's one of them:

      Even people who truly don't fear how others perceive them experience social anxiety, often for no apparent reason. If one looks deep within themselves, they may actually be relieved to realize there's almost no reason for that anxiety.

      Thinking through what is even making you anxious in the first place should help establish a foundation of clarity, an untangled subconscious.

      Give the rest of the ...

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    3. Signs That We Need Emotional Healing

      Signs That We Need Emotional Healing

      Came across this interesting article from Higher Perspective. It's simply called Emotional Healing and it shares some really fascinating tips that we couldn't help but share.

      It offers us some ways to spot if we or the people around us need emotional healing. Here's one sign that's really striking:

      When we need to emotionally heal but don't want to, we tend to distract ourselves. This leads to our minds working entirely too hard.

      This can increase stress and reduce productivity. Be gentle on your mind. Let yourself emotionally heal.

      To learn more about this, give ...

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    4. 8 Laws That Accurately Explains What Karma Actually Is

      8 Laws That Accurately Explains What Karma Actually Is

      These 8 karma laws from spirituality blog site Higher Perspective gives a refreshingly non-simplistic explanation of karma. "When you do something that is neutral and considered neither good nor bad, that goes in the box as well. It is karma's job to deal the things in the box back out to you," it reads.

      These 8 laws work in synergy with each other to form a definition of karma that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It's an excellent article that we at Co-Creation Magazine think is worth the read. It'll help you understand ...

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