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    1. Tony Morrison's Approach to Loss and Love

      Tony Morrison's Approach to Loss and Love

      Toni Morrison's passing is a tragedy for the world. Luckily, she left some powerful and lasting inspiration in her books. This interview by the Telegraph is one of her lasting legacies. It's titled Toni Morrison On Love, Loss, and Modernity.

      In it, she shares some poignant words of wisdom. Here's one of them on how she took the loss of her son:

      People speak to me about my son – ‘I’m so sorry for you’ – but no one says, ‘I loved him so much.’ I was busy in grief, which I don’t expect to stop. Suddenly ...

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    2. Invest When No One Else Will

      Invest When No One Else Will

      Here's an interesting piece from Telegraph UK. It's called Is the Best Time to Buy Really When No One Else Is?

      In it, Marianna Hunt shares some valuable insights on saving and investing in your youth. This comparison that she makes is one that's particularly gripping:

      If you’d tried to sell a signed photo of Mick Jagger when he was merely a humble porter at Bexley Hospital, people would have laughed in your face. Now fans will happily part with tens of thousands of pounds for a leather jacket signed and worn by the singer.

      For ...

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    3. To Retire Early and Comfortably, Don't Forget to Crunch Your Own Numbers First

      To Retire Early and Comfortably, Don't Forget to Crunch Your Own Numbers First

      We found this write-up by the Telegraph's Investment Editor Ed Monk titled Do the Sums and Retire 10 Years Early.

      In it, he shares with us the way on how to retire early. Here's an interesting gem:

      It’s sensible, though, to save outside a pension too. This is because the age you can access your pension could rise, meaning the early years of early retirement may have to be funded by Isa savings, rather than a pension.

      For more of Ed Monk, check out the rest of the article.

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    4. Beware of Buying Your Dream Retirement Homes

      Beware of Buying Your Dream Retirement Homes

      We stumbled upon this article called We Were Sold Retirement Homes We Can't Live In All Year. It's by The Telegraph UK's Sam Barker.

      He reports on some unscrupulous property brokers and developers preying on retirees. Here's a heartbreaking excerpt: 

      Dozens of pensioners discovered their properties could not legally be lived in all year round, and that they were required to own a permanent home as well. The problem affects park homes, also known as mobile homes, typically leasehold bungalow dwellings on a site owned by a third party.

      For more information and context, check out ...

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    5. Some Retirees are Upsizing

      Some Retirees are Upsizing

      We found this intriguing article from Telegraph UK. It's called Forget downsizing: meet the people who are buying larger homes in retirement.

      In it, Jane Slade reports on this interesting trend. Here's a part of her report:

      Now, “upsizing” is becoming so popular that developers are incorporating larger apartments in their mix of homes. A recent report from the National House Building Council (NHBC) found that 46 per cent of homeowners aged 55 to 74 had spent extra money on their latest move, with 28 per cent of those who had moved buying a larger property with more ...

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    6. What You Need To Do To Retire A Millionaire

      What You Need To Do To Retire A Millionaire

      We thought we would share this awesome article from Chris Leadbeater. It is called Want to retire a millionaire? How much you need to save depending on your age.

      In it, he shares his insights about saving for retirement in the context of age. Here's a gem of advice that he shares in the write-up:

      For older investors, the monthly sums are higher. A 30-year-old would need to save £174 a month to achieve millionaire status in retirement while someone starting out at the age of 37 would have to put aside £377.

      For more insights from Chris Leadbeater ...

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    7. Early Retirement Inspirations

      Early Retirement Inspirations

      Early retirement is something most of us want but a few of us can afford. Especially during years when inflation just seems to be increasing incessantly, it seems more and more like a pipe dream.

      Luckily this article from the Telegraph UK can inspire by showing us how it can be done. In it, journalist Laura Miller writes about how Rebecca Olds and her husband, who is a financial planner, planned out their early retirement through sound financial decisions.

      They've become part of the growing trend of people who choose their first career for the money and their second ...

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