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    1. Lack of Women in Leadership Tech Sector Could Be Deadly

      Lack of Women in Leadership Tech Sector Could Be Deadly

      Sometimes, lack of representation at the leadership table could translate to embedded biases in policies and even technologies. Stumbled upon this noteworthy piece from The Telegraph UK that talks about this issue. In it, Mrs Nicky Morgan, UK's Culture Secretary, shares her views: 

      Some of it is mildly annoying, like smart phones being designed according to men’s hands, rather than women’s hands.

      But in extreme cases it could lead to physical harm, like how for decades crash test dummies represented men’s bodies, meaning women were more likely to be injured in a car crash.

      Give the ...

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    2. Tony Morrison's Approach to Loss and Love

      Tony Morrison's Approach to Loss and Love

      Toni Morrison's passing is a tragedy for the world. Luckily, she left some powerful and lasting inspiration in her books. This interview by the Telegraph is one of her lasting legacies. It's titled Toni Morrison On Love, Loss, and Modernity.

      In it, she shares some poignant words of wisdom. Here's one of them on how she took the loss of her son:

      People speak to me about my son – ‘I’m so sorry for you’ – but no one says, ‘I loved him so much.’ I was busy in grief, which I don’t expect to stop. Suddenly ...

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    3. To Retire Early and Comfortably, Don't Forget to Crunch Your Own Numbers First

      To Retire Early and Comfortably, Don't Forget to Crunch Your Own Numbers First

      We found this write-up by the Telegraph's Investment Editor Ed Monk titled Do the Sums and Retire 10 Years Early.

      In it, he shares with us the way on how to retire early. Here's an interesting gem:

      It’s sensible, though, to save outside a pension too. This is because the age you can access your pension could rise, meaning the early years of early retirement may have to be funded by Isa savings, rather than a pension.

      For more of Ed Monk, check out the rest of the article.

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    4. Some Retirees are Upsizing

      Some Retirees are Upsizing

      We found this intriguing article from Telegraph UK. It's called Forget downsizing: meet the people who are buying larger homes in retirement.

      In it, Jane Slade reports on this interesting trend. Here's a part of her report:

      Now, “upsizing” is becoming so popular that developers are incorporating larger apartments in their mix of homes. A recent report from the National House Building Council (NHBC) found that 46 per cent of homeowners aged 55 to 74 had spent extra money on their latest move, with 28 per cent of those who had moved buying a larger property with more ...

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