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    1. Hydrangea Propagation Techniques

      Hydrangea Propagation Techniques

      Stumbled upon this interesting piece from Ugly Duckling House. It's called How to Propagate Hydrangeas.

      It gives us some fascinating ideas. This one, in particular, we thought was worth the share:

      Some gardeners swear by rooting them in winter, where they’ll grow more resilient roots versus summer (which also makes sense). So, as of now, I have no recommendation as to what time of year is best. I’m simply taking what I cut off from pruning my hydrangeas in spring and summer and using those cutoffs for propagation.

      Give the rest of this interesting article a read ...

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    2. UDH: The Best of 2018 And What's to Come for 2019

      UDH: The Best of 2018 And What's to Come for 2019

      The incredible blog site that is Ugly Duckling House is an excellent source of great home and garden tips. From gardening equipment tips to interior makeovers, it's been something of a sought after blog. The articles are just so well written and the tips are just so helpful that we at Your Home and Garden have featured her articles for quite a few times.

      In this piece, learn what was most memorable for the site's primary blogger Sara Fogle and what she's stoked for this year. It's an exciting piece that you shouldn't miss. It ...

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    3. Comparing Safety Gloves for Small Hands

      Comparing Safety Gloves for Small Hands

      One of the most important and yet most overlooked materials in home and gardening DIY projects are safety gloves. A good pair of safety gloves provides protection and durability while affording you with the dexterity needed to finish the job. And while there is a full range to choose from, people with small hands still find it difficult to get the perfect pair.

      We at Your Home and Garden magazine recommend that you read this article from a serial DIY-er with small hands. She compares fourteen brands of gloves and gives an in-depth review based on her personal experience. It ...

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    4. A DIY Mud Room Makeover That'll Leave Your Guests Speechless

      A DIY Mud Room Makeover That'll Leave Your Guests Speechless

      Mudrooms are a great way to keep your home clean. But, how do you keep the mudroom clean?

      This article from DIY home renovation website, Ugly Duckling House, gives us the schematics to a beautiful but extremely functional storage cubbies. It's complete with a bench, hooks for hanging outerwear, and an open boot storage which all work wonderfully to keep the dirt from the inner sanctums of your home!

      You'll almost not want to use them for your muddied boots because they're so pretty. But, we at Your Home and Garden Magazine can definitely imagine this in ...

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