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    1. Health Benefits of Feta Cheese

      Health Benefits of Feta Cheese

      Are you a fan of feta cheese? Here's a fascinating article that we thought we'd share. It's called 5 Feta Cheese Health Benefits: Why Feta is the World's Healthiest Cheese.

      Here's a list of reasons the article cites:

      1. Beneficial fatty acids
      2. Probiotics - Support gut health
      3. Supports bone health
      4. Prevents and treats migraines
      5. Fights anemia naturally

      For a more in-depth look into the benefits eating feta cheese, give the rest of the article a read...

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    2. Foreign Language Made Easy With Alcohol For Closing That Big Foreign Client

      Foreign Language Made Easy With Alcohol For Closing That Big Foreign Client

      There's been a lot of content about the health benefits of drinking low amounts of some sort of alcohol every day. There's a chance, however, that you haven't' come across one that claims that alcohol consumption helps you learn another language easier.

      This article from the wellness blog, Organic Home Remedies, gives us a glimpse of how that can happen. "Scientists from the King’s College London, Maastricht University and University of Liverpool, have appeared low portions of liquor can, truth be told, enable your tongue to extricate up," it reads.

      It's definitely an interesting piece ...

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    3. Secrets You Should Keep

      Secrets You Should Keep

      There's nothing wrong with a little openness especially when you're trying to foster a good relationship. Whether it's a personal or a professional relationship, it could help build a little bit more trust between the two participants. It can also alleviate some of the efforts that we use to curate a self-image. Too much of it, however, can have some devastating effects.

      In this article from wellness website Organic Home Remedies, we learn about some of the aspects of our lives that we should keep to ourselves. "A considerable lot of our most profound privileged insights and ...

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    4. Food that Helps Your Cardiovascular System

      Food that Helps Your Cardiovascular System

      The heart and blood vessels of the circulatory system are responsible for supplying oxygen and nutrition to the cells in the body. If there is a problem, the consequences are swift and dangerous. So much so that cardiovascular diseases are now are among the leading causes of death worldwide. Studies have shown lifestyle often trumps genetics--lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, and stress can make you more susceptible to these illnesses even if you have no family history of it.

      We at Health Wisdom magazine urge that you to read this article detailing one of the most important ways to ...

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    5. Frankincense: The Essential Oil Fit for A King

      Frankincense: The Essential Oil Fit for A King

      Frankincense may be familiar to many of us as one of the gifts the three Kings presented to the baby Jesus in the nativity story. In our heads, it's just one of those ancient gifts that hardly anyone uses now. But when you think about it, if an angel instructed a king to find a baby destined to fulfill a prophecy, you can be sure that king will give a gift with high value--and that is just what frankincense is. And if it's good for the baby Jesus, you can be sure it's good for you!

      Frankincense ...

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