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    1. Why Your Fur Babies Shouldn't Partake in Consuming Halloween Treats

      Why Your Fur Babies Shouldn't Partake in Consuming Halloween Treats

      Stumbled upon this timely reminder from the Life Hacker and thought that we would share it. It's called Don't Give Your Pets Halloween Lollies.

      Here's their gentle reminder:

      In case you feel tempted to give your pet lollies or chocolates this Halloween, here’s a quick reminder: don’t. While sweets seem harmless enough, your pet can’t safely consume most store-bought sweets, and in some instances, the choice of lolly can even prove deadly.

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    2. Houseplants in Your Home Office Can Help Boost Your Productivity

      Houseplants in Your Home Office Can Help Boost Your Productivity

      Thought we'd share this cool article from Life Hacker. It's called Make Your Home Office a More Productive Place With More Houseplants.

      It has some great insights on the relationship of houseplants and productivity. Here's one that's really interesting:

      According to the research, offices with plants resulted in increased workplace satisfaction and increased employee engagement.

      Is a potted plant on your desk going to make you speed through that report any faster? I’d say probably not.

      That said, I’ve certainly seen marked differences in my own productivity when I’m working in a pleasant ...

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    3. Why You Should Give More Positive Feedback Rather Than Criticism

      Why You Should Give More Positive Feedback Rather Than Criticism

      Here's a really fascinating hack from Life Hacker Australia. They title the article, Give Effective Feedback By Focusing On The Positive.

      In it, they share some interesting ways on how to give constructive criticism. Here's one point that was really thought-provoking:

      Buckingham and Goodall argue that we get more out of the compliments than we ever could out of the criticism. That we actually learn more when others point out our strengths than when they point out our weaknesses.

      If you want to learn more about their piece, check out the whole article at the website linked below...

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    4. Email As A Baby Book Alternative

      Email As A Baby Book Alternative

      Struggling in the game of parenting babies can seem like death now but it'll get pretty hilarious in retrospect. Baby books are awesome at this especially when you share them with your kids a little later on. But, keeping them for 18+ years can be a difficult undertaking especially if you're keeping an ongoing journal.

      This article from Life Hacker suggests email as an alternative. "When they smile at you for the first time, email them to tell them what goofy thing you were doing to coax it out of them. When they take their first steps, email ...

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    5. Post-Labour Gifts For Mums

      Post-Labour Gifts For Mums

      Mehgan Moravcik Walbert's sister just birthed a healthy baby boy. Well-wishers have come in droves to bearing gifts for him But, in this article, she makes that case that her sister should be the one getting all the gifts for a job well done, not the baby.

      "He had toys he couldn’t yet play with, clothing he wouldn’t fit into for months, and gear that took up 10 times the space he would," Mehgan writes. So, she's taking putting things into her hand by making a list of what to give mothers fresh from the delivery ...

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    6. Night and Morning Assignments for Parents

      Night and Morning Assignments for Parents

      Newborns are difficult to deal with. They still haven't gotten used to their circadian rhythms so they tend to wake up at random times. We've already heard of a few strategies for this but, they're more of a hit and miss kind of thing because of the different circumstances that parents find themselves in.

      In this article, we are introduced to a parenting lifehack that Michelle Woo shares on Lifehacker. She suggests that setting a night and morning parent is the best way to handle a newborn. "We started divvying up the responsibilities because we discovered the ...

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    7. Keep Your Baby Entertained with these Every Day Items

      Keep Your Baby Entertained with these Every Day Items

      Kids don't need much to keep themselves entertained. If they're young enough, they don't even know what toys are. So, random every day objects would generally be enough to hold their attention. This article from Life Hacker gives us a list of everyday objects we can find lying around that would keep your kids occupied. It's a great list that contains baby-proof everyday objects that'll surely get their imagination something to do. "Once you start digging around your home, you’ll find endless novelties to present to your kids without needing to shop, wrap or ...

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