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    1. Grow Succulent on Driftwood

      Grow Succulent on Driftwood

      Stumbled upon this interesting piece from the blog pages of the Garden Lover's Club. It's called Learn How to Plant Succulents on Driftwood.

      It gives us this fascinating idea. Here's an important excerpt that we thought we ought to share:

      Keep in mind the succulents will start to want to root in a few weeks to a few months as they outgrow the driftwood, so this is not a long term project. When this occurs, you will need to gently remove them and plant them in soil as they continue to flourish.

       Give the rest of this ...

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    2. How To Plant and Care for English Daisies

      How To Plant and Care for English Daisies

      Thought we'd share this piece from Garden Lovers Club. It's called Caring for English Daisies.

      It shares what we have to know before even planting English Daisies. Here's one detail that's really important to remember:

      English daisies are biennial, meaning they will flower every other year. In the first year, English daisies grow their foliage in a small bush. Then, in the second year, they flower and release a huge amount of seeds into the surrounding area.

      The rest of the article has more so don't hesitate to click on the link below to learn ...

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    3. Tree Hugger Decorations To Make Your Garden Unique

      Tree Hugger Decorations To Make Your Garden Unique

      Making your garden unique is a difficult thing to do. Plants, after all, look the same. Luckily there are inventive people out there who think of nothing but how to make gardens stand out. This article from Garden Lovers Club, introduces us to tree huggers. They're decorations the usually look like animals that you can install on your trees to make it look like they're climbing all over them.

      "This adds a sense of cuteness to the garden, and it brings your personality into the décor of the space," reads the article. It has everything from cows ...

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