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    1. Empowering Each Other

      Empowering Each Other

      Came across this fascinating piece from the Indian Express and it really piqued our interest. It’s titled Women Need to Be Empowered by Each Other: Priyanka Copra.

      It's an interview of Indian Hollywood actress Priyank Chopra. In it, she says:

      The more opportunity we create for each other, the more sisterhood will grow. We’re 50 per cent of the world population, we need to be represented in every field. We need to be empowered by each other, by people who are in positions of power, by putting (women) in positions of power.

      If you want more of ...

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    2. Adamant Dog Refuses to Walk

      Adamant Dog Refuses to Walk

      Here's a fascinating article from the Indian Express. It's called A Video of a Dog Lying on Its Back and Refusing to Walk Started a Viral Thread on Twitter.

      Here's a short excerpt for your enjoyment:

      As the video went viral, garnering over 3 million views, many said it was just what they needed to get through troubling times. Other dog owners responded by sharing photos of their pets in similar situations. The thread of adamant dogs lying on their back and refusing to walk is now going viral.

      To see the viral thread that the video ...

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    3. Yoga's Holistic Approach

      Yoga's Holistic Approach

      Stumbled upon this interesting piece from the Indian Express. The author had it titled Around the World, the Benefits of Yoga for Physical and Mental Health as Well as Sustainability are Being Recognized.

      It gives us some fascinating ideas. This one, in particular, we thought was worth the share:

      The science of yoga joins different facets of human existence. The Indian seers have unequivocally emphasised physical fitness as the first and the crucial first step towards human progress. 

      Give the rest of this interesting article a read for more information and context.

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    4. These Women Monetized Their Post-Divorce Experiences

      These Women Monetized Their Post-Divorce Experiences

      We found this article from the Indian Express and thought immediately that we should share it. It's called They Divorced, Then Became Gurus of Dating.

      It's an extraordinary report on women who successfully monetized their post-divorce life experiences. Here's an excerpt that we found truly interesting:

      Dineen is part of a network of women in New York City who have transformed their divorce experiences into careers, helping others navigate splitting up and starting over.

      If you wish to know more about the story, check out the rest of the article at The Indian Express website.

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    5. Some of the Most Surprising Things That Babies Do According to First Time Mums

      Some of the Most Surprising Things That Babies Do According to First Time Mums

      Here's an interesting article from Indiana Express. It's called Parents Reveal Facts About Babies That Surprised Them The Most by their Parenting Desk Team.

      They share these fascinating and sometimes hilarious insights from parents from all over the world. Here's one that grabbed our attention:

      How someone so small can produce that much poo. We went through about 4 very full and liquid nappies in under five minutes.

      For more of these sharings, check out the rest of this piece from the Parenting Desk Team.

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