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    1. Tips for Collecting Beautiful Vintage Pieces

      Tips for Collecting Beautiful Vintage Pieces

      Are you a vintage item or art collector? Here's a fascinating article from French Country Cottage that shares with us some awesome ways to make it a little bit easier. It's called Tips for Collecting Vintage & The Three Loves Rule.

      Here's a short excerpt:

      Those pieces that talk to you. The ones that tell the story and try to 'woo' you while you are shopping. That whisper sweet nothings in your ear while you are trying to sort through pieces and find the right one. That tell you that THEY ARE the one you are looking for ...

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    2. Shopping for Antiques On Craigslist

      Shopping for Antiques On Craigslist

      In this article, French Country Home shares with us some tips on how to score great antique pieces from Craigslist and other online second-hand shop platform. From asking the right questions to using the right keywords for searching, this quick guide has everything you'll need to get a bit more confidence.

      However, there's nothing more important, she says, than to have fun shopping. "The thrill of the hunt and then finding that piece that makes you swoon and knock 5 people over to claim as yours- well there is nothing like that when you are a junker at ...

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    3. Closet Cleaning To Make Room For Self-Expression

      Closet Cleaning To Make Room For Self-Expression

      The new year often comes with resolutions. This article from the lifestyle blog, French Country Cottage, shares with us her closet refresh resolution.

      It's an inspiring post that would make you want to do a little spring cleaning in your closet as well. "I honestly am not a big clothes horse. I kind of wear the same colors and classic pieces over and over again and have elements that work with those pieces for a fresh look. Though, something I am working on this year is adding in a bit more fashion- so, I am finding inspiration in walking ...

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    4. High Point Market Treasures That You'll Definitely Love

      High Point Market Treasures That You'll Definitely Love

      If you're a vintage furniture enthusiast, this post from French Country Cottage post definitely has something to get you excited about. It's a photo blog that has a lot of the items for sale at the High Point Market.

      From French Armoires to vintage candle holders, this blog has everything that the market has to offer. Scrolling through all of them would make you want to pack your bags and go to that market immediately.

      It's a great post that makes you feel like you're there. We at Living Art Magazine can definitely recommend this blog ...

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