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    1. Weighing the Pros and Cons of Staying in Job You Like

      Weighing the Pros and Cons of Staying in Job You Like

      Is stagnation at a job you love really such a bad thing? Here's an article from Chorus Executive. It's called Pros and Cons of Staying Where You Are.

      Here's a thought-provoking excerpt:

      You’ve become an expert at what you do in your current role. You know your stuff; you’re the person your colleagues come to. Staying where you are allows you to continue growing that expertise and become a valuable specialist in your area.

      To learn more about this interesting topic, give the rest of the article a read at the link below...

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    2. Mental Wellness in the Workplace

      Mental Wellness in the Workplace

      Found this fascinating article from Chorus Executive and thought that we would share it with you. It's called It's Okay to Not be Okay by Amy Donaldson.

      She offers some insight into mental wellness in the workplace here. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      The expectations we put on our colleagues in the workplace can have lasting effects. We are expected to bring passion, creativity, innovation, enthusiasm, intelligence and hard work but to leave any struggles, emotions (that aren’t happy ones) hidden. This can’t work, to the benefit of employees or organisations. If you are expecting your ...

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    3. How To Work With People That You Don't Necessarily Like

      How To Work With People That You Don't Necessarily Like

      Have you seen this article from Chorus Executive? It's called Strategies to Work with People You Don't Like. We thought that we would share it here.

      It offers some tips and tricks on how to have a harmonious work environment even if you don't like someone that you have to work with. Here's an excerpt that really fascinated us:

      Dealing with someone who rubs you the wrong way can have a negative effect on your own emotions. A toxic person can drive you crazy . . . but only if you let them. Remember, only you have power over ...

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