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    1. How Lutein Helps Both Your Eyesight and Brain Developement

      How Lutein Helps Both Your Eyesight and Brain Developement

      Dr Mercola has some valuable insights in this article. It's called The Importance of Lutein for Eye and Brain Health.

      Here's an example that really got us thinking about how we consume our veggies:

      Ideally, you’ll want to buy the whole food and consume these foods as close to raw as possible, as the lutein (and other carotenoids such as zeaxanthin) are easily damaged by heat. Accessory micronutrients in the foods that enhance their action also tend to get easily damaged.

      Take a look at the rest of this piece to learn more about the benefits of ...

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    2. The Science Behind Nature Deficit Disorder

      The Science Behind Nature Deficit Disorder

      Nature has a lot to give in terms of improving human health. This article from Dr Mercola shares with us some really fascinating insights on this.

      Here's a short excerpt that we thought we should share:

      The term “nature deficit disorder” was coined by journalist Richard Louv, author of “Last Child in the Woods.”5 This is not an actual psychological diagnosis, but rather a term used to describe a lifestyle deficit that contributes to poor psychological and physical health.

      Louv suggested that humans’ alienation from nature led to “diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties and higher rates ...

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    3. More Reasons to Drink Your Tea

      More Reasons to Drink Your Tea

      Here's a fascinating piece from Dr Mercola. It's called Tea Drinkers Shown To Be More Healthy.

      In it, he shares an interesting study. Here's a short quote that summarizes the results:

      Results from observing 100,902 participants in the study over a period of years found that habitual tea drinkers lived 1.26 years longer than their counterparts. They were also free from ASCVD for 1.41 years longer than their non-tea drinking counterparts.

       To learn more about the study, read the full article at the link below...

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    4. Too Much Sleep Can be Harmful For You Too

      Too Much Sleep Can be Harmful For You Too

      For some, sleep can be elusive. So, most of us run after it. However, too much of it can potentially harm us too according to Dr Mercola in this intriguing piece.

      He shares some thought-provoking ideas here. This one's an example:

      Compared with sleeping seven to eight hours a night, those who slept for nine hours or more had a 23% greater risk of stroke, while shorter sleep (less than six hours a night) had no significant effect on stroke risk. Those who took long midday naps of more than 90 minutes also had a greater stroke risk — by ...

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    5. The Importance of Detox

      The Importance of Detox

      Here's another great piece from Dr Mercola. It's called Top Tips to Detox Your Body.

      In it, he shares some significant factoids that we just couldn't help but share. Here's one of them:

      When your body is contaminated with man-made toxins, your body tends to compartmentalize them. Eventually, those body compartments will reach a certain threshold of toxicity, at which point your immune system can no longer control the microbial growth in that area.

       It's quite an interesting read so do give it a go...

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    6. Vitamin D as Cancer and Cardiovascular Illness Treatment

      Vitamin D as Cancer and Cardiovascular Illness Treatment

      This article from Dr Mercola piqued our interest. It's called Does Vitamin D Supplementation Prevent Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease? 

      It offers up some fascinating nuggets of wisdom. This one was particularly thought-provoking: 

      In the case of heart disease, vitamin D plays a vital role in protecting and repairing damage to your endothelium. It also helps trigger production of nitric oxide — which improves blood flow and prevents blood clot formation — and significantly reduces oxidative stress in your vascular system, all of which are important to help prevent the development and/or progression of cardiovascular disease.

      Check out the rest of ...

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    7. The Benefits of Flavonoid

      The Benefits of Flavonoid

      Thought we’d share this fascinating article from Dr. Mercola. It’s titled A Flavonoid a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

      It offers some interesting perspectives. Here’s one that piqued our curiosity:

      A Harvard Health article says one reason avid tea drinkers are less prone to developing heart disease may be because of potency of the flavonoids in tea leaves. Part of the benefits of drinking tea, particularly for strengthening the blood vessels in your heart, stems from catechin and epicatechin compounds. 

      To find out more, take a look at the rest of this write-up.

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    8. Riboflavin as Migraine Prevention

      Riboflavin as Migraine Prevention

      Here's a fascinating article from the Dr. Mercola. It's called Riboflavin for Migraine Prevention.

      It shares some fascinating insights. This one's particularly thought-provoking:

      ...the authors link migraine pain to neurovascular dysfunction, inflammation and "dysfunction in cranial vascular contractility," and cite research showing people who have migraine with aura have lower levels of antioxidants and higher levels of oxidative stress than migraine-free controls.

      Take a look at the rest of this article for more context and information...

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    9. What to Eat and What to Steer Clear from if You Have Anxiety

      What to Eat and What to Steer Clear from if You Have Anxiety

      Have you seen this article from Dr Mercola's blog? It's called The Best Anti-Anxiety Foods to Munch On. We immediately realized how relevant it is upon reading it so we decided to share it.

      It shares a list of a lot of interesting foods to steer clear from. Here's one that some of you might be relieved to discover isn't on the list:

      Caffeine-containing beverages like sports drinks should not be considered for anxiety disorder patients because it may worsen their condition. However, a cup of organic, shade-grown black coffee without added creamers, sugars or sweeteners ...

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    10. Why Fake Meat Isn't Going to Save Your Health or the Planet's

      Why Fake Meat Isn't Going to Save Your Health or the Planet's

      We thought we would share this intriguing article called Why Fake Meat and Eliminating Livestock Are Really Bad Ideas. It's a piece by Ronnie Cummins posted on the medical blog site, Mercola.

      It's full of thought-provoking insights. This one, in particular, is worth the share:

      While it’s true that millions of carnivores, especially in the U.S., are supersizing and poisoning themselves with two or three times as much CAFO meat, dairy and poultry as a natural health expert would recommend, a moderate amount of grass fed or pastured meat and dairy (especially raw milk dairy products ...

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    11. Benefits of Honeysuckle

      Benefits of Honeysuckle

      When you think of honeysuckle, you immediately think of the beautiful vine that climbs up on fences and walls. What you don't think about are the therapeutic properties that are often good for thyroid diseases.

      In this article,Dr. Mercola shares with us all the phytonutrients present in honeysuckle and how each one can help us feel better. "Being rich in phenolic compounds, there are 2 grams of flavonoids in every 100 grams of dry fruit weight. In terms of your health, this is comparable to blackberries, currants and blueberries, which the study authors wrote rendered them worthy as ...

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    12. Sleeping Your Way to Good Health

      Sleeping Your Way to Good Health

      Your Circadian rhythm governs when and how deeply you sleep. So maintaining a regular cycle can go a long way in keeping you healthy and strong. In this article, we learn about a few methods on how to optimize your circadian cycle.

      In it, Dr Mercola cites the works of important doctors related to the field. From circadian cycle specialists to geneticists, he spares no expense in helping us find ways on how to sleep better.

      We at Thyroid Health Magazine are definitely intrigued as sleep has a lot to do with our thyroid. It's an excellent article that ...

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    13. Roller Coasters as Treatment for Kidney Stones

      Roller Coasters as Treatment for Kidney Stones

      Roller-coasters may soon become medicine for kidney stones according to Dr. Joseph Mercola. In this article, he talks about the basics of kidney stones and how fast-paced, looping roller coaster rides can help in treating it.

      "Interestingly, the idea to pursue this research came about after a number of patients treated by the researchers reported passing kidney stones spontaneously after riding the same roller coaster in Disney’s Magic Kingdom," writes the doctor.

      The research was then conducted by the MSU which then yielded favorable results. It's a truly outstanding find that even the researchers themselves found highly implausible ...

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    14. Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee Can Save Your Heart

      Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee Can Save Your Heart

      Coffee is the most consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Some people can't even start their day without it. Even the online community supports coffee consumption with countless funny memes about it. After reading this article by Dr. Mercola, you'd probably be reaching out to consume even more coffee in your day because of the many benefits that the drink gives us.

      "A minimum of four cups of coffee (or four espresso shots) was determined to be the amount to promote the migration of the regulatory protein into your mitochondria, enhancing the function of endothelial cells lining blood ...

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    15. Lumbrokinase for Lyme?

      Lumbrokinase for Lyme?

      By Dr. Mercola

      Lyme disease is no respecter of persons and one bite from a deer tick may be the only thing separating you from this devastating illness. Canadian rockstar Avril Lavigne has been struggling with the illness for four years. When her battle with Lyme became public in 2015, Lavigne told People magazine, "I felt like I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk and I couldn't move. I thought I was dying."1 She was bedridden for five months.

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    16. What's Lurking in Your Dish Towel?

      What's Lurking in Your Dish Towel?

      By Dr. Mercola

      Hand-washing is one of the simplest ways to reduce exposure to potential disease-causing germs.1 This may also reduce your chances of getting sick and/or spreading infection. Regular and proper hand-washing drastically decreases the number of germs having access to your body, especially at key times such as before eating or touching your mouth, eyes or nose, after using the restroom and while cooking in the kitchen.

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    17. Why You Should Be Drinking Thyme Tea Today

      Why You Should Be Drinking Thyme Tea Today

      Did you know that drinking thyme tea has many health benefits? 

      Due to its abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, the popular herb, thyme, can be used for more than cooking - such as drinking!

      From fighting bacteria to reducing your risk of cancer, thyme tea is a major health benefit. So head to the full article below to discover all the benefits that this herb can have on your health......



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    18. Chia Is Easy to Grow

      Chia Is Easy to Grow

      By Dr. Mercola

      If you were alive in the 1970s and 80s, you undoubtedly remember the "chia pet" craze. Cultivating one of these characters was easily accomplished by applying moistened chia seeds to a grooved terra cotta figurine and watering them daily until they sprouted. Because chia seeds become gel-like when wet, they adhered to the pottery in such a way as to create tuffs of green sprouts that mimicked fur, hair and beards.

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    19. If You're Afraid of Alzheimer's, You Really Should Cut Back On Alcohol

      If You're Afraid of Alzheimer's, You Really Should Cut Back On Alcohol
      There is a large number of research papers on the effects of alcohol on the human brain. Some of them say that modest to medium levels of consumption may be good for the brain. Other researchers, on the other hand, dispute this and claim that does not have a positive effect. However, there is a consensus among them that overconsumption is never advisable. In this enlightening article, Dr. Joseph Mercola explains how consuming large quantities of alcohol can help in the development of Alzheimer's disease.
      He demonstrates how alcohol disrupts the removal of amyloid beta in the brain. With ...
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    20. What Can Apple Cider Vinegar Do for You?

      What Can Apple Cider Vinegar Do for You?

      By Dr. Mercola

      If you have a bottle of apple cider vinegar in your pantry, you very likely know how valuable this particular staple is to your health. If you are not yet familiar with the many beneficial uses of this versatile and economical home remedy, you may be interested to know it has been used successfully to treat conditions ranging from blood sugar and weight loss to acid reflux and upset stomach.

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