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    1. John McGrath on His Success

      John McGrath on His Success

      Here's an awesome piece from Elite Agent. It's called John Mcgrath: Keep Changing and Growing.

      There are some really insightful ideas here. We're particularly piqued by this one:

      Change is always the biggest challenge. Right now technology is a key enabler and many agents above the age of 50 were not trained in the age of technology, so they have to embrace its benefits and those of digital marketing and of course social media marketing. The key to success will become linked to your ability to change with the times.

      Have a look at the full article ...

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    2. The Importance of Being Your Authentic Self in the Workplace

      The Importance of Being Your Authentic Self in the Workplace

      Here's a fascinating article from the Elite Agent. It's called Tracey Fellows: What's in your heart?

      In this piece, Tracey Fellows, CEO of REA Group shares some insightful perspectives. Here’s one that’s particularly thought-provoking:

      I think people can spot falseness, they really can. People want real people; they want to trust them, they want to feel like there’s a connection.

       You want to feel good at the end of each of those discussions, and if the outcome of the discussion is still tough, on whatever commercial terms, but you feel you’re sitting across ...

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