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    2. Sustainability Trends That Dominated the Conversation in 2019

      Sustainability Trends That Dominated the Conversation in 2019
      Harvard Business Review serves up some really interesting articles. This one's called The Top Sustainability Stories of 2019. Here's a short excerpt: The year was bracketed by two big proposals: (1) sprawlinglegislationdubbed theGreen New Deal in the U.S., and (2) theEUs Green Deal, withcircular economy principles at the core. People can debate whether policy proposals like these areunrealistic, but the scale of the thinking is welcome, and ...
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    1. The idea for Cloud Conductor came into my mind when I was musing about how hard it must be for ill children in hospital, or at home, who suddenly can't run around and play like they normally do.
      In Igniting the imagination of children
    2. The NSW Government is committed to making Sydney more liveable – with access to a home, jobs, green space and more convenient ways to move around our growing city.
      In Huge Housing Project in Sydney's North West Looks to Boost Construction and Electrical Jobs
    3. I took him home and the first night that I had him, I had a real bad nightmare and he pounced on me and laid on me and woke me up and I calmed down.
      In How This Veteran Turned to Painting in Order to Cope with PTSD